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An East Malaysian native who now calls Petaling Jaya home, when not writing Erna is eating, harassing her dog and cat or Tweeting. Mostly eating.

Kuala Lumpur Customs & Culture That Women Need To Know

By , 3 September 2015

Malaysia’s diverse ethnic makeup is one of its attractions and you’ll be forgiven for being confused by all the different races.

Where To Stay In Kuala Lumpur

By , 2 September 2015

Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur for a night or for more extended stays, you won’t have trouble finding something that will suit either your situation or budget.

Merdeka and Malaysia Day: What’s The Difference?

By , 26 August 2015

It’s a common joke that it’s a miracle Malaysians get anything done considering the sheer amount of public holidays we have. A recent addition has...

Fun & Useful Phrases To Learn While In Malaysia

By , 29 July 2015

If you speak English, you’ll get by just fine in Malaysia as the language is widely spoken. Then why learn a phrase or two of the national language, Bahasa...

The Quaint Delight That Is Ipoh

By , 17 July 2015

Here’s the thing about Ipoh: if you’re looking for hustle and bustle, you won’t find it there. Which is precisely why a day trip to Ipoh is a perfect respite to the mad frenetic pace of Kuala Lu...

Malaysia’s Eid Celebrations: Like Nowhere Else

By , 8 July 2015

What other countries call Eid al-Fitr, Malaysians call Hari Raya and it's a month long celebration of open houses, food, and more!

Qliq Damansara: For Women Travellers Seeking A Safe Space

By , 1 July 2015

Qliq Damansara offers something new and novel for Petaling Jaya: a dedicated women's floor. You have two room choices, namely the Qute Ladies room

Ramadan In Malaysia: What You Need To Know

By , 19 June 2015

For first-time visitors to Malaysia, Ramadan is a good time to witness the particularly unique way Malaysians observe the holy month.

Top 8 Things To Do When You Arrive At KL Sentral

By , 11 June 2015

A central location for various modes of transit, KL Sentral has undergone a transformation of sorts in the last few years. The busy hub now attracts travellers and locals alike, is attached to a shiny...

Adventures With Uber In Penang

By , 22 May 2015

As Uber has just only started up in Penang, there aren't a lot of drivers as yet. Most of them tend to congregate around Georgetown, though I had the luck to engage one driver who happened to be aroun...