Can You Do This? The One Small Bag Travel Challenge

Travel Fashion girl shows you how to fit one week's worth of travel in one small bagpack (Pic credit: Travel Fashion Girl)
Travel Fashion girl shows you how to fit one week’s worth of travel in one small bagpack (Pic credit: Travel Fashion Girl)

We recently came across an article where a lady travelled for one week using only a tiny little backpack. Fashionista travel blogger Travel Fashion Girl gave us a new meaning of “travelling light” by going luggage free and packing one week’s worth of summer vacation in one small carry on.

Just look at how small her bag is. What we loved most is that she managed to downside her luggage without sacrificing any of her beauty needs. In there is her all her toiletries, clothes, makeup, flat iron, an extra pair of shoes, and fun girly clothes to fit her personal style!  (Editor’s note: We didn’t know we could carry flat irons in our carry-ons! Do check with your airlines before you attempt the same.)

She uses the Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack (Pic credit: Amazon)

“My one bag travel efforts consisted of a 9-piece travel essential packing list, two pairs of shoes, toiletries, and all my girly needs. I needed enough to last for eight days without doing laundry (except for undies).” Her activities included pool days, sightseeing, and dinners at nice restaurants.

How did she fit all of that into one bag? Mind you, that Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack only has 10-litres of space. She uses packing cubes and pouches to organise and compact her items to fit into the bag.

Travel Fashion Girl's "non-minimalist" minimalist packing list (Pic credit: Travel Fashion Girl)
Travel Fashion Girl’s “non-minimalist” minimalist packing list (Pic credit: Travel Fashion Girl)

She shares a breakdown of what’s in her backpack:






And other knick-knacks in her bag are her walking sandals, 1″ flat iron, tissue, sunglasses, pen, iPhone, charger, and passport. On the flight, she wore a pair of pants, a sleeveless top, a jacket, nude underwire bra and smoothing shorts, sandals, and some accessories.

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What's in her bag? (Photo credit: Travel Fashion Girl)
What’s in her bag? (Photo credit: Travel Fashion Girl)

She would empty her backpack when she is at her accommodation to use it each day. For evenings, she would use her makeup pouch as a clutch and would leave her phone in the room.

Travel Fashion Blogger’s tip to packing light without sacrificing style is to strategically pick light fabrics, use travel containers and opt for compact versions of larger items. Our favourite takeaway is to pick versatile items such as cute pouches that can be used as clutches or fitness clothes as pyjamas.

Photo from her trip to Puerto Vallarta (Photo credit: Travel Fashion Girl)
Photo from her trip to Puerto Vallarta (Photo credit: Travel Fashion Girl)

Try on this One Small Bag Travel Challenge the next time you are off on an adventure! Send us photos of you accomplishing the challenge to our Facebook page and we might feature you.

Travel Fashion Blogger has more tips and a video on this, see it here.



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