How do the lyrics of that famous TLC song go again? “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…” Unlike the beloved song from one of the greatest RnB groups of our time, we here at Zafigo encourage you to go chase them — especially these six in Negeri Sembilan. While the southwest coast of this Malaysian state is mainly known for its palaces and food, its beaches, nature parks, and waterfalls are much to rave about.

According to studies, waterfalls can improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety; and with 2023 being already a busy start, why not take a break from the daily by surrounding yourself with some soothing sights and sounds?

1. Jeram Toi

Less than an hour’s drive through the LEKAS highway from Kuala Lumpur will take you straight to Kuala Klawang, where a cute little waterfall known as Jeram Toi awaits. Discovered in 1895, it’s a popular choice for a family picnic and a relaxing dip.

The park also has plenty of amenities for visitors, including shelters, barbecue pits, toilets, and cemented walkways. While it can get crowded over the weekend, it’s still worth visiting. Though if you want to avoid the crowds of people, come on a weekday.

2. Jeram Tengkek Waterfall

Another popular spot for a picnic in Negeri Sembilan (and there are plenty) is the grounds at Jeram Tengkek Forest Eco Park, home to many birds, insects, species of trees, and a beautiful waterfall. Some say this is a popular photoshoot spot too! Even though the pool of the waterfalls isn’t deep, it’s still lovely for wading. Toilets, prayer rooms, and gazebos are all available for use here.

3. Jeram Berungut

Within the Kenaboi forest reserve, a magnificent waterfall is waiting for you to discover and experience. Getting here will take you a little more than an hour, but so worth it as its unspoiled nature will have you blown away. It’s a moderately tricky trek getting to the waterfall, so we highly recommend getting a guide like Kenaboi Adventure Camp to avoid getting lost.

4. Lata Berembun

Located about five kilometres away from Pantai Village, this two-tier waterfall is perfect for those looking for a no-fuss outing in nature. Average but still worth going to, the large pool on the second tier is perfect for swimming. Getting to the site is easy and only requires a payment of RM5. We recommend bringing something to store your trash in, as bins are hard to come by.

5. Lata Kijang

While Lata Kijang sounds very similar to Perak’s Lara Kinjang, this waterfall spot, also located in the Kenaboi forest reserve, is another beauty worth visiting in Negeri Sembilan. You can get to the waterfall site from Kampung Esok, and while the road conditions are acceptable, a 4×4 truck may get you there faster; it can get pretty bumpy and muddy. If you want to pitch a tent, we recommend doing so at the campsite located only a couple of kilometres away from the fall.

6. Lata Dinding

Lata Dinding is another beautiful, rocky-ledge waterfall that’s a must-visit in Negeri Sembilan, though we don’t recommend this one for beginners. Quite a massive feat, getting to the waterfall isn’t easy and takes about three hours of constant walking.

At the mid-way point to the waterfall, you’ll also come across the trailhead for Gunung Besar Hantu and Gunung Kecil Hantu — both marking the border between Pahang and Negeri Sembilan.

Appreciating the magnitude of this waterfall is something that should be experienced up close, so prep your mental and physical strength to hike to the site. While there are no actual pools of river here, you can still cool off at the waterfall’s base under the cascading water.