Better gaming on mobile, mini massager, (affordable) digital tablet or sketchbook, and water bottle Tamagotchi(?!). Here’s a list of travel gadgets to keep yourself entertained and comfortable on the go! ((L) Nintendo/Instagram / (R) Amazon Kindle/Instagram)

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Now that we’re slowly easing back into ‘normal’, and travel bans are slowly but surely being lifted, we might just find ourselves bitten by the travel bug. Though, most travelling will be done domestically, it looks like our borders will be opening up too. This means long road trips or bus rides if you’re travelling domestically and long plane rides if you’re headed international. What do we do during those long couple of hours?

Let’s be honest, long trips can get really boring. Unless you have a really talkative travel buddy, but then again, you’ll probably run out of conversation topics by the first hour. Listening to music and watching movies used to be among our top things to do, but that can get pretty old too.

So, we thought we’d help and compile a list of handy gadgets to give you a little inspiration — so you’ll be prepared for your next long journey!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Ah yes, the gadget that everyone has heard of at least once. We know, we know, this might sound old, but the Nintendo Switch Lite is possibly the most portable gaming console on the market right now. They come in so many irresistible colours too! Besides, gaming can be the best way to kill time and get yourself engaged for hours while on the road.

Price: From RM819 on Shopee

Razer Kishi — Mobile Game Controller for IOS and Android

This controller turns your mobile device into a gaming console. Yes, you read that right. All you need to do is attach the Razer Kishi onto your phone and voila! You now have a gaming controller for your mobile games. The Razer Kishi fits most Android and iOS mobile devices — you’ll just need to double-check the dimensions it supports.

Gaming tip: It’ll help to check your internet connection with a tool like Speedcheck to ensure you don’t end up losing progress on your online games.

Razer Kishi Android: From RM369 on Shopee
Razer Kishi IOS: From RM459 on Shopee

Mini massage gun

Since we’ll be sitting for long hours, our muscles are prone to be sore after a while — especially in cramped seats. These mini massagers may be small, but they pack a lot of power. Some models have interchangeable heads to target different areas as well!

Check out these Mini Massage Guns on Shopee

myFirst Sketch Pro

Looking for a sketch tablet that isn’t too expensive? Look no further. myFirst Sketch Pro is a super affordable digital drawing tablet that’s lightweight and portable, with a matte surface to prevent reflections. Now, you can sketch on the go without worrying about running out of ink or forgetting to bring your stationery. It’s built for both children and adults!

Price: From RM169 on Shopee

Rocketbook Core

Not too keen on a tablet? Still craving for that ‘notebook’ or ‘sketchbook’ feel? But need your works digitalised as well? So many questions, but we have one simple answer for you. The Rocketbook Core (formerly Rocketbook Everlast) gives you that pen and paper feel with the convenience of digitalising your work in just one click of a button. It’s endlessly reusable and connected to all your preferred cloud services.

Price: From RM170 on Lazada

Gululu Go Interactive Water Bottle

Here’s something to keep the kids entertained and hydrated while on the road. The Gululu bottle has a virtual pet that kids can care for by drinking water. The more your child drinks, the more features are unlocked. Parents can track their children’s hydration process through a smartphone app as well. It’s like a little water bottle Tamagotchi!

Price: From RM799 on Lazada

Amazon Kindle

Yes, we know. It’s another cliché product, but definitely a much-needed gadget for book lovers! Imagine bringing your entire library with you on a trip. That’s exactly what you can do with the Amazon Kindle.

Price: From RMRM549 on Shopee

UV sterilising wand

We may be allowed to travel, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop thinking about the virus that’s still looming among us. Here’s a handy gadget that’ll give you a little peace of mind while travelling. It’s super portable and no water or sanitiser is necessary.

Price: From RM269 on Lazada
Check out some of the UV Sterilising Wands on Shopee as well!

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