A world record holding powerlifter, Shen is passionate in encouraging women to be more in tune with their bodies and to regain their confidence through fitness. She currently works as a membership consultant, freelance writer and is in the works of launching her own startup before she embarks on the treacherous journey that is college.

Hack Your Raya Journey With Waze And PLUS Highway

By ,, 26 April 2022

Selamat Hari Raya! Whether you’re a local preparing to brave the PLUS Highway, or a tourist looking to experience Malaysia in all its festive Eid splendour, you can survive the Raya rush.

Unique Christmas Traditions In Asia

By ,, 22 December 2021

Around the world, Christmas can hold many different meanings and many different customs are practiced, some not even religious.

A Look At Iftar Meals Around The World

By , 13 April 2021

As Muslims populate various corners of the world, it’s also interesting to see the variations in iftar meals from sweet milk pastries to festive food fairs.

Sashimi, Soto & Pork Noodles In The Seaside Town Of Tawau, Sabah

By , 24 February 2020

A treasure trove of marine delights, Tawau (which sits on the furthest opposite end from Kota Kinabalu) in Malaysia, is famous for its seafood.

Hauntingly Beautiful: 8 Ghost Towns Around The World

By , 18 September 2019

In a world where life whizzes past in a flurry, certain things remind us that everything can be stripped from us in an instant. Abandoned towns are one stark reminder.

Common Crimes By Country: Know What To Look Out For

By , 11 September 2019

Solo travel – it’s an enticing lure away from the hustle and bustle of life, and a pathway to self-actualisation. However, not all life-changing experiences are positive ones.

A Year On: Tracing Anthony Bourdain’s Footsteps In Food

By , 1 July 2019

Anthony Bourdain traversed the globe but never did it within the confines of the usual. He went everywhere and broke bread with everyone. In light of Bourdain’s one-year death anniversary, this list...

Why Is Sichuan Food So Darn Spicy?

By , 6 June 2019

If you’re a lover of spice and often find yourself missing heat in a meal where there isn’t any, it’s safe to say you’re probably familiar with the numbing flame of China’s Sichuan cuisine. ...

World Brews: What Do Eggs, Butter, Sand, & Spice Have To Do With Coffee?

By , 13 May 2019

We explore some of the unique ways people drink coffee around the world. From using sand as a heat source to the addition of raw eggs, treat this list as your coffee bucket list!

Ramadan Etiquette For Non-Muslim Tourists

By , 8 May 2019

From sunrise to sunset, Ramadan sees Muslims fasting from food and water. Travel during this period can be eye-opening and ever so enriching.