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A world record holding powerlifter, Shen is passionate in encouraging women to be more in tune with their bodies and to regain their confidence through fitness. She currently works as a membership consultant, freelance writer and is in the works of launching her own startup before she embarks on the treacherous journey that is college.

World Brews: What Do Eggs, Butter, Sand, & Spice Have T...

By , May 13, 2019

We explore some of the unique ways people drink coffee around the world. From using sand as a heat s...

Ramadan Etiquette For Non-Muslim Tourists

By , May 8, 2019

From sunrise to sunset, Ramadan sees Muslims fasting from food and water. Travel during this period ...

The Start-ups Redefining Travel For Corporate Travellers

By , April 23, 2019

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The Origins Of Your Favourite Lunar New Year Treats

By , January 26, 2019

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Unique Christmas Traditions In Asia

By , December 24, 2018

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Marvel At These 8 Blossoming Flower Tourism Spots

By , December 10, 2018

These eight flower tourism spots across the globe are a sight to behold, so make sure you plan your ...

Around The World In 10 Pastries

By , November 15, 2018

When people say you really get to know a country through its cuisine, they’re not joking.

Flight Safety Tips For Expecting Mothers

By , October 5, 2018

Although flying while pregnant is generally deemed safe, it definitely comes with some risks.

The Importance Of Learning A Second Language

By , September 25, 2018

Learning foreign languages isn’t merely a fun little hobby, it’s importance in today’s world f...

Okinawa: Japan’s Sunny Paradise With Its Own Unique Cultur...

By , September 12, 2018

If Japan doesn’t seem to hold surprises for you anymore, then consider Okinawa.