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A world record holding powerlifter, Shen is passionate in encouraging women to be more in tune with their bodies and to regain their confidence through fitness. She currently works as a membership consultant, freelance writer and is in the works of launching her own startup before she embarks on the treacherous journey that is college.

The Origins Of Your Favourite Lunar New Year Treats

By , 26 January 2019

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Around The World In 10 Pastries

By , 15 November 2018

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Flight Safety Tips For Expecting Mothers

By , 5 October 2018

Although flying while pregnant is generally deemed safe, it definitely comes with some risks.

The Importance Of Learning A Second Language

By , 25 September 2018

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Okinawa: Japan’s Sunny Paradise With Its Own Unique Cultur...

By , 12 September 2018

If Japan doesn’t seem to hold surprises for you anymore, then consider Okinawa.

Not Your Waitress: Why Cabin Crews Have One Of The Toughest ...

By , 24 August 2018

Here’s the raw truth: the cabin crew are NOT your in-flight wait staff. So

How To Overcome And Prevent Homesickness

By , 8 August 2018

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The 5 Martial Arts Women Should Learn For Self-Defence While...

By , 21 July 2018

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