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Eliza loves long-distance travel, cold weather, and the beach. Her favourite city is Los Angeles and she believes no other country has a better food scene than Malaysia. You're welcome to try and change her mind.

Eco-Picks: Planet-Friendly Products We Love

By , 26 March 2021

We’re trying to be pals to the planet because it’s the only home we’ve got! Here's a list of eco-friendly products we've been enjoying this month.

Get To Know These 7 Inspiring Malaysian Women

By , 12 March 2021

These incredible women really prove that you’re able to do anything you set your mind to.

Can We Travel After Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine?

By , 5 March 2021

Since the vaccine is here, will international air travel go back to what it was?

7 Events Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

By , 4 March 2021

Can we get three cheers for all the women of the world?

Cosy Corner: 10 Items To Make Your Home A True Sanctuary

By , 22 February 2021

Since we’re spending so much time at home these days, why not turn it into your little slice of heaven?

Grounded: Another Year Without International Travel

By , 21 January 2021

I’m just a girl figuratively standing in front of immigration, screaming to be let out.

MCO 2.0: What You Need To Know This Time Around

By , 14 January 2021

It’s like we turned back time and returned to March 2020, but with a twist.

From Wanderlust To Wanderlost: Malaysians Suffer From Travel Blues The Most

By , 7 January 2021

Travelling abroad has always been an escape mechanism for Malaysians. The pandemic has put a stop to that and it’s affecting us more than we realise.

21 Moments At Home For Malaysians To Enjoy In 2021

By , 24 December 2020

Here are some unique Airbnb stays and online experiences Malaysians can share with friends and family.

ZafigoZine: Ringing In The Year #ToBe

By , 18 December 2020

This year was quite the whirlwind of events, but here’s hoping 2021 brings us endless possibilities of the positive kind…