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Travelling gives us an opportunity to break free from our routine. It’s nice to be able to have a nightcap by the beach, not having to count calories because ‘you’re on holiday’, and being able to press pause on work and other obligations every now and then – or at least you hope you can, because in the digital/social sphere, there are no breaks.

The issue then is that we have a holiday hangover. Some of us dread going back to work because we had such a good time, while others need a little time to get back into their routine. The solution to this tiny bump on the road is a simple one: moderation.

Hear us out (after you’ve stopped groaning). There’s plenty of fun to be had on your break but why go to the extremes of temporarily giving up everything from your day to day, when you can do it in small doses so you don’t hate it when you have to go back to it? Here are some of our favourite ways to stay productive and maintaining a sense of routine while travelling:

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Work it out

What helps us become stronger individuals is consistency. Yes, have that second slice of cake or jug of margarita – you’ve earned it! But your body might feel incredibly sluggish if it’s not used to that. Maintain your exercise routine while you’re on holiday, and with apps like Nike Training Club and online tutorials like Blogilates readily available, it’s fairly simple to do so. Or, you can always sign yourself up for new classes in the city you’re in or go on hikes to explore. Either way: break a sweat.

Get plenty of rest

The better rested we are, the more efficiently we function. Make the most of your free time during your holiday to recharge, and though you only have a limited time at your holiday destination, try not to pack it with too many activities so you aren’t completely burnt out by the end of the trip.

While the idea of working remotely is getting more popular, there’s more to being a digital nomad than sitting blissfully on a laptop by the beach:
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Listen to podcasts or read an audiobook

Some of us feel a little restless when we have nothing to do. We don’t know how to take a break for more than two hours, and that’s okay considering we’re constantly moving. This makes for the perfect time to catch up on the book you’ve been wanting to read because now you actually have the time and space to focus, or to listen to the podcast you’ve been putting off for so long because you couldn’t concentrate before. You’ll be learning while relaxing: it’s a win-win.

Check your emails at least once

We know, how dare we suggest working during a holiday. We’re not encouraging you to respond to any work text or email, that’s a no-brainer, but looking through your inbox briefly is better than being bombarded with too much information when you’re back at work. Think of it as being able to hit the ground running when you’re back.

Bring your business card

You meet a lot of interesting people when you’re exploring a new place, and you never know who it’s going to be or the opportunities they might bring into your life or your bank account. So bring your business card just in case.

What do you do during your downtime? Let us know in the comments below!

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