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Tercia is a Digital Strategist by profession and a Scrapbook Journal-er by passion. Said to have a knack for locating a café or bar within a 10-foot radius, she spends most of her spare time scouring flea markets and stationery stores during her travels. You can follow her journaling journey on Instagram at @Skybambi.

15 Malaysian Landmarks That Look Like Wes Anderson Film Sets

By , 22 September 2021

Step into the relentlessly symmetrical and aesthetic cinematographic world of Wes Anderson, right here in Malaysia!

Team Picks: 7 Mind-Wandering Reads

By , 16 August 2021

Blow your mind, not your book budget! Whether you like illustrated books, fiction, or non-fiction reads, Zafigo’s team picks features the best travel inspired books from BookXcess to keep you wander...

7 Friendship Gifts To Ease The Pain-demic

By , 30 July 2021

We’ve got gift ideas for your friends locked-down! Here's a list from our favourite online stores to spread the love and make everyday friendship day.

10 Syiok Shopee Snacks From Around The World

By , 7 July 2021

A list of more than just potato chips to go with that couch. You may not be able to travel and eat, but you can still enjoy some delicious snacks from around the world from the comfort of your home.

13 Beautiful Stationery Stores In Malaysia

By , 25 June 2021

Curated by a stationery addict who is a sucker for packaging, here’s a list of beautiful stores around Malaysia that offers more than pen and paper!

My Period Changed After The COVID-19 Vaccine: 8 Women Share

By , 18 June 2021

We speak to eight women about their personal experience with COVID-19 vaccines to shed some light on how it affects our menstrual health. You’ll be surprised at how little information is out there, ...

6 Chic Eco-Friendly Brands Made In Malaysia

By , 22 April 2021

You don’t need to slug it out to save the world. Go from hippie to hip with these six trendy eco-friendly and sustainably chic Malaysian brands!

The Best Of Malaysia’s ‘Sakura Season’ In Pictures

By ,, 29 March 2021

From Penang and Kedah to all around the Klang Valley, Malaysians have gotten a taste of Japan in the last week as Tecoma trees throughout the country burst into full bloom.

11 Thumb Travel Worthy Instagram Accounts To Feed Your Wanderlust

By , 19 March 2021

Since we can’t pack our bags for an adventure any further than the local grocery store just yet, we figured we’d keep your wandering minds and thumbs inspired with some of our favourite Instagram ...

8 Malaysian-Made Liquors & Brews To Give A Shot

By , 23 February 2021

From artisanal tuak to indie gins and an award-winning whiskey, this is a list of must-try liquors that captures the Malaysian spirit and inspires the mixing of delicious libations!