Let’s get right into it: I am terrible at running and it’s largely due to having the mentality of being bad at it. But, having been on a mission to get my body moving and healthier in general before I hit 40, I’ve since picked up running and the interest is growing. As someone who’s been doing CrossFit for almost a decade, I often catch myself eye-rolling or groaning whenever I see running on the whiteboard. Lately, something switched––I’m kind of getting the hang of this, I think.

Adidas has once again expanded its galaxy with the launch of the SUPERNOVA RISE shoes, and I decided to lace up a pair of these celestial wonders to see if they truly live up to their astronomical naming convention. Here’s my take on the adidas SUPERNOVA RISE, from unboxing to the track, and all the way to the CrossFit box.

I’ve had my fair share of CrossFit footwear but never invested in a good pair of running shoes. Right out of the box, the SUPERNOVA RISE shoes make a statement with their sleek design and the promise of high performance that adidas is renowned for. The initial take hints at a well-thought-out construction, with a breathable mesh upper, and a robust sole that looks ready to tackle both asphalt and gym floors.

The fit? Snug but comfortable, which is precisely what you’d want in a pair of running shoes. Now, as someone with wide feet, I opted half-a-size bigger, which turned out to be the perfect fit for me. While it’s always convenient to shop online, I highly recommend heading to their store and trying them for size.

I broke into my SUPERNOVA RISE by pounding the pavement at a nearby park. Now, I’m no marathon runner, but I feel like as an occasional runner (by force, and through a CrossFit workout), these shoes are light enough to not weigh you down, but at the same time provide real support and shock absorption.

This is all thanks to adidas’ re-engineered super foam known as the Dreamstrike+, which offers unparalleled comfort and cushioning. For someone still getting accustomed to the rhythm of running and with plantar fasciitis, these shoes were like celestial guides that made each stride enjoyable.

As a CrossFitter, the true test for me came in the CrossFit box, a place where not just any running shoe can thrive. I kid you not when I tell you, the SUPERNOVA rose to the occasion. The exact features that make them a great choice for running––supportive fit and responsive cushioning––translated well into some Crossfit movements that didn’t involve heavy weightlifting.

Whether I was running multiple rounds on the rooftop, doing box jumps, and (bodyweight) squats, the shoes’ stable base and flexibility allowed me to move freely.

After a week of testing it out between asphalt and gym floors, occasionally on the treadmill too, the SUPERNOVA RISE shoes have managed to stay pristine. However, if you’re one to choose lighter colours and prefer to run outdoors, keep in mind that stains are bound to happen.

The materials and build of the shoes are of absolute quality and are in it for the long haul; capable of not just withstanding running and the occasional CrossFit workout, but also for everyday use and when travelling––we all know how much walking (and sometimes) running travel involves.

The SUPPORT RODS in the sole of every RISE come with a system of dense bottom-loaded foam, giving neutral support from heel to toe, which will make clocking in those steps effortless. Pair that with the COMFORT HEEL FIT, a combo of soft, supportive cushioned foam and gentle textile surrounding the heel, that blends seamlessly to give your heels comfortable support.

The adidas SUPERNOVA RISE shoes are a fantastic option for your everyday running journey, no matter where it takes place. I wasn’t sure whether it was the fact that I had proper running shoes on, but my strides weren’t as painful as they once used to be, and I wasn’t slowed down by lack of support.

While no shoe can claim to be a perfect fit, the SUPERNOVA RISE does a great job at coming close. The shoes certainly helped me run at a faster pace thanks to its impressively comfortable and stable base. They’re also a reminder that sometimes, reaching for the stars can start with what’s on your feet.

Bonus: I paired my run with the SUPERNOVA Comfort kit, which included comfortable ankle socks (I hate high socks, but this is a ‘me’ thing) and the training cap, and almost fooled myself into thinking I wasn’t a novice runner. Here’s to clocking so many more miles with my SUPERNOVA RISE.

The SUPERNOVA RISE is priced at RM 599.

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