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A mother of two, Emma is an avid lover of movies, Korean bbq and lululemon. Her favourite form of exercise is CrossFit, and couldn’t live without sunscreen as part of her skincare regime.

A Visual Guide: Magical Christmas Markets Around The World

By , 9 December 2022

Take a visual tour of the most magical Christmas markets worldwide through our curated list of Instagram posts.

Things To Do If Bali Is Your Christmas Destination

By , 5 December 2022

Heading to the Indonesian island of Bali for Christmas? Here are a few of the things you can do if Bali is your Christmas destination.

Netflix & Chill: Movies To Get You In The Mood For Christmas

By , 1 December 2022

The time has come for a whole month of bingeing on Christmas movies. Here are some old favourites and new ones to get you in the mood for the festive season.

7 New Coffee Spots In Kuala Lumpur Worth Spending Your Weekends At

By , 28 November 2022

Spend your weekends at any of these new cafes in Kuala Lumpur. From boutique florist-cum-cafes to an all-white minimalist hideaway, we’ve got you covered.

Desaru’s Diamond: A Luxurious Mid-Week Respite At Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas

By , 21 November 2022

A four-hour car ride took our Sub-Editor to the coastal town of Desaru Coast, where a luxurious respite awaits at the Anantara.

The Best Water Bottles For Travelling

By ,, 15 November 2022

A trusty reusable water bottle (or two) never hurt anybody. And it certainly does less damage to the environment than single-use plastic bottles. Not sure where to start? No problem! Here's a list of ...

Self-Care Day: A Review Of Serenity By POSH

By , 8 November 2022

Get above the hustle and bustle of the city with a self-care session in the sky at Serenity by POSH.

All Roads Lead To Japan: ANA Launches ‘Beyond #MissingJapan’ Campaign & MAS Increases Flights To Tokyo

By , 1 November 2022

All Nippon Airways and Malaysia Airlines are getting travellers excited to visit Japan once again with a brand new campaign and more flight times!

Team Picks: True Crime Shows, Documentaries & Films

By ,, 28 October 2022

What is scarier than ghosts and goblins? The answer is people. These true crime shows, documentaries, and films on our list will have you quivering with fear.

Doughnut Miss Out These Sweet Treats In The Klang Valley

By , 26 October 2022

Doughnut worry! If you have a hankering for these sweet, fluffy rings, the Klang Valley has plenty of places you can order from.