Some animal-human connections are just meant to be, as proven by these Instagram accounts. Their loving and warm bonds are palpable even through the screen. For those who can’t travel with your pet just yet, we’ve got the perfect list to help you live vicariously through them. From cats and dogs to ducks, find them living their furry best lives!

1. Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut, @spongecake_thescottishfold

Known as the dessert trio, these three curious cats travel the world with their paw-rents, putting a smile on every new face they meet. They love making new furriends wherever they go!

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2. Wrinkle the duck, @seducktive

Not going to lie; Wrinkle’s face cracks me up every time! And not in a bad way at all. She’s such a bright and welcome addition to any space she enters. You can follow her adventures on YouTube!

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3. Willow the travelling cat, @vancatmeow

Follow Willow, the adventure cat and her paw-rents as they traverse Australia in their campervan. Willow loves taking dust baths, rolling in dirt and sand with her glorious dark fur.

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4. Igna Ferriol & Hanna, @igna.ferriol

Although their video captions are written in Spanish, Igna Ferriol’s bond with his dog Hanna is immediately palpable. Their wholesome content makes us feel like life is ours to seize and that dreams do come true!

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5. Burma the adventure cat, @burmaadventurecat

Burma sure loves adventure, and he relishes every moment he’s outdoors. Follow him as he casually climbs rocks, hike mountains, ride kayaks, and tread through snow.

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6. Loki the wolfdog, @loki

When Loki was a puppy, he had a mean streak of escaping from home. Kelly Lund, his paw-rent, decided that in order for Loki to live a happy dog life, he needed to be outdoors–and that’s how their adventures began!

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7. Pan & Baloo, @henrythecoloradodog

What’s better than a cat or a dog? A cat and dog duo! Pancake the dog and Baloo the cat love snuggling together wherever they go. These two adventure buddies are absolutely adorable.

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8. Chris & Nala, @adventuringwithnala

Join Chris and Nala on their hiking adventures. Chris takes Nala on mountain hikes, and Nala occasionally unleashes her doggie zoomies! When they’re not hiking, they’re likely enjoying some cuddle time at home.

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9. Suki & Killua, @sukiicat

Another cat and dog duo! We get really warm and excited when we see kitties and pups get along. Head over to their social media to watch them explore nature together.

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10. Nathan & Winnie the beach cats, @nathan_thebeachcat

Bet you don’t enjoy the beach as much as these two! And yes, cats do swim! Perhaps Nathan and Winnie, the expert beach adventurers, will inspire your next beach trip.

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