There are so many things to love about the Christmas season. The shopping for loved ones, that time of the year where you can take some time off from work, the feasting, and of course, the movie marathons — which is a big thing in most households. There is nothing quite like snuggling up (in the cool air-conditioned weather) with hot chocolate and enjoying your favourite Christmas movies.

Everybody has a list of must-watch holiday favourites, but if you don’t, we’ve got you covered. From the usual suspects to some newer ones, you can find it all on Netflix and click ‘add to my list’.

Love Hard

Look, for managing expectations, this list comprises mainly rom-coms, and Love Hard is no different. This tale of dating apps, catfishing, and two unexpected people falling in love is one for the books!

Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A classic and a must-see with the kiddos, Jim Carrey plays the very relatable Grinch who sets out to ruin Christmas for everybody. But is that really what he wants?

The Holiday

A must-watch for many, myself included, this Christmas rom-com tells the tale of two unlucky-in-love ladies, Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz). After suffering through failed relationships, the two connect online and decided to swap homes. What happens after is a story that will have you watching The Holiday every year at Christmas (or whenever).

A Castle For Christmas

90s babies, rejoice! This rom-com starring Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes is about an author who decides to buy a castle from a reluctant Duke, which of course results in something more than a business transaction! While it’s a typical plot, you don’t want to miss out on this fun movie.

The Christmas Chronicles

What happens when Kate (Darby Camp) and her brother Teddy (Judah Lewis) decide to catch Santa Claus (Kurt Douglas) on camera? An unexpected journey that will teach the kids the importance of family, teamwork, and faith. Watch till the end because you’re going to love the sneak peek at Mrs Claus!

The Princess Switch

One of Netflix’s most-successful originals, this movie follows a baker from Chicago that travels to Belgravia for a baking competition. There, she finds herself switching places with a duchess that looks identical to her, and of course, they fall in love with each other’s beaus.

Operation Christmas Drop

A political aide played by Kat Graham, who’s always doing things by the book, finds herself falling for a big-hearted Air Force pilot. While some may deem it cheesy, we say during the holidays, it’s warranted!

Holiday In The Wild

After a failed marriage, Kate (Kristin Davis) leaves home and goes on a trip to save an injured elephant with a pilot (Rob Lowe). It doesn’t take long for Kate to realise how much she loves her new setup.

Love Actually

A popular choice during the holidays (and one of our all-time personal favourites), Love Actually tells the story of eight couples living in London, all dealing with relationships, and are entertained in each other’s lives in one way or another. While it’s currently not on Netflix Malaysia, most countries have this movie available on their list.

A Christmas Prince

Another original by Netflix, A Christmas Prince sees journalist Amber Moore going undercover for a story on Prince Richard Bevan Charlton — a playboy prince who’s next in line to the throne. It doesn’t take long for Amber to fall for the prince and realise he’s nothing like people make him out to be.


Ah, put Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack together, and you’ll be rewarded with a Christmas movie that’s underrated but a definite must-watch. Sara and Jonathan chance upon each other in a Christmas blitz while shopping for their partners. Leaving things up to fate, they split up and see if destiny will bring them back together.

The Family Stone

Another film that’s no longer on Netflix but too good to be excluded from this list is The Family Stone. This 2005 dramedy shows the trials and tribulations of meeting your partner’s family during the holidays, especially if they’re too set in their ways. What transpires is a story that will have you coming back every year.

Too Close For Christmas

Fans of One Tree Hill will want to cosy up for this one. Starring Chad Michael Murray, Too Close For Christmas follows Jessica Lowndes’s character, Hayley, as she spends Christmas with her sister’s in-laws. What she isn’t expecting is to be around the man responsible for her last breakup. Will this Christmas movie have a happy ending? Who knows?

Falling For Christmas

Lindsay Lohan is back and better than ever with a Christmas movie. Falling For Christmas sees Lohan as a hotel heiress who, just as she was being proposed to, falls off a cliff and loses complete memory of who she is. She ends up in at a cute ski lodge and is cared for by its widowed owner. Surely sparks will fly! Otherwise, what’s the point of this holiday rom-com? Also, we’re rooting for you, Lindsay!

Christmas With You

Step aside, Gen Z, because every millennials’ fave teen heartthrob (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is back and he plays a widowed father in this Christmas rom-com called Christmas With You. Following a career burnout, Angelina (played by Aimee Garcia) decides to escape to a charming small town. It’s where she finds the inspiration she was looking for and true love. We do love some Christmas magic and this movie is all about it!

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on 23 December 2021 and has been updated to include more movies.