Happy Halloween! It’s the last day of Spooktober, and now that you’re done with all the fun activities and trick or treating, it’s time to kick back at home and continue letting the ghoul times roll. First, we brought you some haunting documentaries, but now, here are some new chill-inducing releases from Netflix (with more to look forward to in November). Enjoy!

The Watcher

Coming up tops all over Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific this spooky season is a tale about a family dream gone wrong. Just imagine finally moving into your dream home in the suburbs, only to realise that your neighbourhood isn’t quite what it seems. We’re not sure what’s creepier — the sinister secrets or the fact that this show is inspired by the true story of the infamous ‘Watcher’ house in New Jersey.

The School for Good and Evil

Action, drama, magic — this film has it all. While not scary, The School for Good and Evil is an interesting take on the classic fight between heroes and villains, where the students of an enchanted school battle it out and two best friends find themselves on opposing ends. Do we need both in this world to maintain balance and order? Does this remind you a little of Star Wars? Watch it and decide for yourself.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

This is a fun one to watch if you’ve got kids or are — like me — a scaredy cat. It’s Halloween and a mischievous spirit’s on the loose bringing the town’s decor to life. The only ones who can save them? A dynamic duo of a Halloween-hating dad and his young daughter.

Guillermo del Torro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Here’s one for you more serious movie connoisseurs. Award-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Torro has pulled together a hand-picked team of writers and directors to create this series of eight genre-defying horror stories. Featuring two original stories by del Torro himself, this series of eight hour-long films explore the world of the macabre to the magical, gothic to grotesque, and the classically creepy.


Here’s one to look out for! Premiering on 23 November, one of The Addams Family’s most beloved characters takes the starring role in a new series that sees the titular character trying to navigate her way through teen hood and her new life at Nevermore Academy. Brimming with mayhem, murder, and a whole lot of dark humour, we’re bookmarking this for sure. And you should too!