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It’s said that an estimated 75% of tropical rainforest animals spend most of their time in the forest canopy. A convenient natural hideout for many animals, this makes canopy walkways the most convenient way to get up-close and personal with rainforest animals. And what better way to get into the sights and smells of the rainforest than with our own Malaysian jungles?

We bet you didn’t know about these gorgeous treks, complete with their own canopy walks, that you can add to your Cuti-Cuti Malaysia adventure list. Here are 11 stunning canopy walks scattered throughout Peninsular Malaysia and also East Malaysia. Unsurprisingly, many of the more stunning canopy walkways can be found in Sabah, the land beneath the wind, to which we’ve dedicated the second half of this wonderful list:

1. KL Forest Eco Park, Kuala Lumpur


Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, at the very base of KL Tower, KL Forest Eco Park is just a short walk from Masjid Jamek LRT station. Even though it’s small in size, this forest reserve has several trails for nature enthusiasts to explore. A perfect starter for the uninitiated, there are three major trails to explore – the Jelutong trail, Penarahan trail, and Arboretum trail. Plus, there’s an impressive 200-metre canopy walk that provides visitors with an aerial view of the treetops and the city beyond. 

Length: 200 metres long
Above ground: 15 metres high
Operating Hours: 7am to 7pm daily

Entrance fee (non-Malaysian adults): RM40
Entrance fee (non-Malaysian children): RM18
Entrance fee (Malaysian adults): RM12
Entrance fee (Malaysian children): RM4

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2. Forest Skywalk at FRIM, Selangor

Situated at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) in Selangor, the all-new Forest Skywalk, also known as Jejantas Rimba, measures up to 250 metres in length and is a dizzying 50 metres high. Once atop the skywalk, visitors are treated to an incredible panorama of Kepong Botanic Gardens and the man-made forest that sits at the heart of FRIM. 

For those seeking greater heights, make your way to the top tier to spot the buildings surrounding Kuala Lumpur, such as the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers, Menara Tun Razak Exchange, and Menara Telekom Malaysia!

Zafigo Tip: The new structure was opened to the public in August of 2020, however, due to the pandemic, operating hours may not be accurate. Check ahead to avoid disappointment. 

Length: 250 metres long
Above ground: 18 to 50 metres high
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm; Friday, 8:300am to 12:15pm and 2:45pm to 4:30pm; Saturday to Sunday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Entrance fee for Malaysian adults: RM15
Entrance fee for non-Malaysian adults: RM40
**Additional charges may apply for miscellaneous entrance and services.

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3. Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim, Kedah


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The world’s longest rainforest canopy walk, Sungai Sedim’s Tree Top Walk sits well above the rest with a length of 925 metres and height of 26 metres above the forest floor. Worry not, though, as the walkway structure is made entirely from steel. 

Located in the Sungai Sedim Recreational Park and the Gunung Inas Forest Reserve in Kedah, this sturdy canopy sits a 30-minute drive from the town of Kulim. While some might argue that the steel walkway is more a pedestrian suspension bridge, it does provide a bird’s eye view of the roof of the forest without damaging the flora it sits among, making it a truly eco-friendly option. 

Zafigo Tip: Make a day of it! Sungai Sedim is also known as an Eco Camp that offers a variety of outdoor activities and team building.

Length: 925 metres long
Above ground: 26 metres high
Operating hours: 9am to 5:30pm daily

Entrance fee (adults): RM10
Entrance fee (children): RM6

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4. Mulu National Park Canopy Walk, Sarawak


One of the oldest canopy walks in Malaysia, the Mulu National Park Canopy Walk is only accessible to guests of the national park. If you do decide to check-in, there are a number of accommodations available, ranging from budget to luxury.  

Situated at about a 30-minute light trek into the park, following the wooden elevated walkways, the canopy walk itself grants visitors a full view of the national park’s 60-million-year-old rainforest (a UNESCO World Heritage Area). As the website boasts, it’s a walk not to be missed amongst the lush treetops and tranquil river views below – a truly unique opportunity to get closer to the rainforest ‘web of life’.

Zafigo Tip: With each session limited to six people per group, we (and park officials) recommend booking the early morning slots in advance to avoid disappointment.

Length: 480 metres long
Above ground: 25 metres high
Operating hours: 7am to 4pm daily

Entrance fee: RM45 

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5. Canopy Walkway at Taman Negara, Pahang


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Planning to spend one of the long weekends over at Taman Negara? Make sure to include the Canopy Walkway in your itinerary! Home to one of the longest suspended bridges in the world, this canopy walk can only hold up to four people at a time, and the nature guides keep a keen eye on the footfall to ensure that the walkway is never overcrowded. And for good reason too, as walking on the Canopy Walkway, visitors can experience a panoramic view of Gunung Tahan as well as the surrounding canopy trees, hills, and valleys. Now that’s a breath of fresh air, alright. 

Length: 510 metres long
Above ground: 45 metres high
Operating hours: Monday to Thursday; 11am to 2:45pm; Friday, 9am to12pm.

Entrance fee (adult): RM5
Entrance fee (children): RM3

**Additional fees for jungle trekking and forest guide may apply

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6. Poring Treetop Canopy Walk, Sabah


Discover a landscape of steaming pools and high peaks with the highest canopy walk in Sabah that stands at a grand 43 metres high overlooking the beautiful rainforest. Conveniently located just before Mount Kinabalu, Poring Treetop Canopy Walk spans 175 metres, making it the perfect starter adventure for any nature-lover.

Not to be missed out on is the main attraction that is Poring Hot Springs —an idyllic first sight that greets you when you first arrive. The canopy walk is a 15-minute walk up the hill from the hot springs, but the five-part canopy walk with different lengths is well worth it.

Length: 175 metres long
Above ground: 43 metres high
Operating hours: 9 am to 4 pm

Entrance fee (non-Malaysian adults): RM5
Entrance fee (non-Malaysian children below 18): RM2.50
Entrance fee (Malaysian adults): RM3
Entrance fee (Malaysian children below 18): RM1.50

Camera: RM5
Video: RM30

 7. RDC Canopy Walk, Sabah


Located in Sepilok, Sandakan, the Rainforest Discovery Centre (or RDC as it’s commonly called) houses the country’s first steel-structured canopy walk. The steel walkway, 347 metres in length, goes up to about 25 metres in height, leading trekkers up to two observation towers — the Bristlehead and Trogon – both named after local birds.

The towers are, aptly, a highlight for bird watchers, as guests can spot a number of endemic birds including the Bornean Bristlehead, Black and Crimson Pitta, as well as the Rhinoceros Hornbill. The RDC also features a botanical garden, nature trails, and a great place for a weekend getaway here at the Kabali-Sepilok Forest Reserve.

Length: 347 metres long
Above ground: 25 metres high
Operating hours: 8 am to 5 pm daily

Entrance fee (non-Malaysian adults): RM15
Entrance fee (non-Malaysian children five to 17): RM7
Entrance fee (Malaysian adults): RM7
Entrance fee (Malaysian children five to 17): RM3
Entrance fee (children below five): Free

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 8. Bukit Gemok Titian Selara Canopy Walkway, Sabah


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Translating roughly to ‘Fat Hill’, Bukit Gemok offers nature lovers a chance to trek, hike, and if the mood strikes, do spot of bird watching. Situated a mere 10 kilometres from Tawau, on the east coast of Sabah, one would have to take a taxi (costing approximately RM30 one way) to reach the untouched forest of Bukit Gemok.

At the entrance of the Bukit Gemok Forest Reserve, you will need to hike up about an hour to the start point of the canopy walk. The ‘struggle’ to the top will be well worth it though, as the stunning view spans the town centre and its picturesque coastline.

Zafigo Tip: Make your return arrangements to and from Bukit Gemok ahead of time as public transport is not readily available at the area.

Length: 231 metres long
Above ground: 26 metres high
Time: 8 am to 5 pm daily
Entrance fee: RM1 for all

9. Maliau Basin Skybridge Canopy Walk, Sabah


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No list of canopy walks in the land beneath the wind is complete without the Maliau Basin Skybridge Canopy Walk. Situated at one of the least-explored places and more remote locations of Borneo, the Malia Basin earns its moniker of ‘The Lost World of Sabah’ with only specialised tour companies making trips there.

About a 15- to 20-minute trek from the main research facility at the Maliau Basin Conservation Centre, the trek will take guests across the Maliau River and up a 45o vertical canopy climb to the first tower. From here, you will make your way up cylindrical staircases to the main canopy walkway where the view is unparalleled, complete with flying birds and jumping gibbons. 

Length: 400 metres long
Above ground: 22 metres high
Operating hours: 6 am to 5 pm daily
Entrance: Only for Maliau Basin guests 

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10. Danum Valley Canopy Walk, Sabah


Another exclusive walkway, the Danum Valley Canopy is a multi-tier canopy walkway system that’s both interesting and tree-friendly, with guests climbing a spiral wooden staircase around the trees to the next station of the canopy walk. 

For nature lovers and bird watchers alike, this is considered the mecca of canopy walks in Sabah, and is perhaps one of the most premium as well, with the exquisite experience only available for guests who book a stay at one of the two accommodations in Danum Valley. For the more adventurous, guides are also available to take visitors through the many trails of various lengths in Danum Valley.

Length: 300 metres long
Above ground: 26 metres high
Entrance: Only for guests who stay at Borneo Rainforest Lodge or the Danum Valley Field Centre Guesthouse


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