In Taiwan, street-food takes centre stage in daily life and if you want to know where to find the best of a certain type of cuisine, look no further than the names of the food which usually incorporate the various cities and towns associated or known for the best in these specific local specialties.

1. Shenkeng: Stinky Tofu

Shengkeng deep fried stinky tofu (Pic credit: Cavin Teo Blog)

Located to the south east area of Taipei, Shenkeng is regarded as the ‘tofu capital’ of the world as you’ll find everything from tofu ice cream to the infamous fermented sticky tofu here, said to be the best thanks to the particularly pure water of the township suited for the production of bean curd.

2. Changhua: Meatball

Changhua meatballs dish (Pic credit: Marie Claire Malaysia)

This meatball made from pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoots is wrapped in sweet potato flour dough and is served with a sweet and savoury sauce. Also known as Ba-wan, it can be served steamed or deep fried.

3. Hsinchu: Rice Flour Noodles

Hsinchu rice flour noodles (Pic credit: Marie Claire Malaysia)

For silky soft rice noodles, there’s none better than that found in Hsinchu! Thanks to favourable natural conditions, ‘The Windy City’ dries the noodles to a perfect firm, al dente texture. Just make sure you know the difference between your shuifen (water rice noodles) and cuifen (steamed rice noodles)!

4. Madou: Bowl Pudding

Madau bowl pudding (Pic credit: Marie Claire Malaysia)

A bowl of salty rice pudding is a must if you’re visiting Madou district. What’s unique is that one year old rice is selected then soaked, before grinding it into a paste. While usually mixed with a savoury meat filling, some stores offer vegetarian options for a delightful chewy bite!

5. Hualien: Mochi

Mochi in a variety of colours and flavours


Not only is Hualien a picturesque city, it s also know for its delicious glutinous rice cakes (mochi) which is mostly made from sweet potato, red rice, and also the pristine waters of the area. Traditionally, mochi was only available during festivals and before the local men went out to fish but now it is available in a wide range of flavours, making it the perfect souvenir choice!


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