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An Essential Guide To The Nightlife In Tokyo’s Infamous Kabukichō District, Japan

By , 1 June 2020

Kabukichō is one of the liveliest – albeit slightly dodgy – nightlife and entertainment districts in Tokyo, Japan. It’s located in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo and is well-known as a red light di...

Explore Hollywood Road In Hong Kong

By , 18 May 2020

Once a popular trading area for merchant sailors, reclamation projects have somehow pushed the ocean back, and Hollywood Road in Hong Kong is once again a central shopping area filled with antique sto...

Bathing In The Holy Waters Of Bali’s Tirta Empul Temple, Indonesia

By , 12 May 2020

It is said the springs that feed Pura Tirta Empul – also known as The Holy Water Temple – in Bali, Indonesia were created by the God Indra. It is also believed that these waters have healing prope...

Want To See Elephants In Asia? Here’s How To Ethically Interact With Them

By , 5 March 2020

Taking a ride on the back on an elephant might seem like a unique and exciting experience in Asia. But it is becoming more and more apparent that these friendly elephants taking tourists for rides are...

Tokyo’s Haneda Airport: Giving Singapore’s Changi Airport A Run For Its Money

By , 2 March 2020

Formerly known as Tokyo International Airport, when it comes to things to do and see, Haneda Airport is seriously giving Changi Airport in Singapore that’s known to be the best in the world a run fo...

Jukai Ceremonies & Temple Stays In Koyasan, Japan

By , 20 February 2020

The formal ceremony where one takes refuge in Buddha and receives the guidelines is called a Jukai. Danjo Garan in Koyasan, Japan is one of the country’s most spiritual-religious complexes.

A Day With The Pink Dolphins Of Khanom, Thailand

By , 3 February 2020

Khanom’s one of the few places in Thailand not yet over-developed and flooded with tourists, and the main attraction here are the pink dolphins.

Going Rouge: The Red Beach In Panjin, China

By , 6 January 2020

Before you imagine cherry-hued sand or Kool-Aid-tinted waters, know that the Red Beach in Panjin, China is actually the largest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

The Trek For Wild Orangutans In Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

By , 3 December 2019

Situated on edge of Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park, Bukit Lawang is home to a variety of birds, plants, and animals – including the famous Sumatran orangutan.

The Periyar Tiger Reserve In Kerala, India

By , 26 September 2019

Periyar National Park was initially made a sanctuary in 1934, but in 1978 became Kerala’s first tiger reserve. Hence why the area is also known as the Periyar Tiger Reserve.