Bali High: Another Island Destination Reopening In July 2021

Photo by Felfin05 evin via Unsplash

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It appears that the world is reopening bit by bit. Of course, we couldn’t be more thrilled at receiving the (almost) daily good news. What’s best is that some of the destinations opening up are right in our own backyard! Just last week, we were delighted with news surrounding the reopening of Phuket next month, so khawp khun kha for that. But now, Bali is opening its borders in July too? Yes!  

Despite the sharp increase of COVID-19 infections in some places in Indonesia, the country’s top holiday spot, Bali, remains a priority when it comes to closely monitoring and keeping cases under control. This is especially so since the island is set on opening up for tourism. On top of close scrutiny, the local government is maintaining their successful vaccine rollout, COVID-19 testing, health protocols, and various other preventive measures. 

As for exactly when Bali will reopen, the exact date is yet to be determined and depends on whether all government-imposed conditions are met.

Besides Bali reopening, Indonesia is working to establish a travel bubble with neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Australia. Unfortunately for us Malaysians, our country is still considered high risk. With domestic travel still some ways away (estimates are at October of this year), overseas travel will only follow after. In the meantime, maintain social distancing, keep your masks on, get vaxxed, stay home as much as possible and we will make headway in no time. Trust the process. 

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