Most of us know how common and easy-to-come-by Starbucks is, but did you know there are also some incredibly unusual and unique Starbucks locations worldwide? If you’re bored of your regular old latte routine, you’re in for a treat.

We’re about to take you on a caffeinated adventure as we discover the most unique Starbucks locations that can make your coffee breaks much better. Who knows, the next time you’re in any of these countries, you can make a quick pit stop too!

Prepare to caffeinate your wanderlust by discovering the most stunning and distinctive Starbucks locations on the planet.

Dubai, UAE

This Starbucks location in Al Seef, Dubai, is an intriguing example of how modern design and traditional Arabian architecture can coexist. The store’s interior is designed with elaborate features, including locally inspired geometric motifs, brass lighting, and traditional wooden screens.

While maintaining the usual Starbucks experience, the design is meant to blend effortlessly with the historical Al Seef district. Its ideal location and alluring architecture make it a must-visit site for coffee enthusiasts and those wishing to explore Dubai’s rich history.

Address: Marsa, Al Seef Street, Al Hamriya, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hualien City, Taiwan

To say that this structure is unique would be a major understatement. Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma was inspired by the expansive appearance of coffee trees to create this ambitious geometric building in Hualien City, Taiwan.

The result is a drive-through Starbucks location constructed from 29 recycled shipping containers stacked on top of one another and painted in bright, whimsical patterns.

Address: Warehouse 1-1, No. 8, Gangkou Road, Hualien City

Yangshuo, China

Even the most innovative Starbucks locations can fit in with their surroundings, as evidenced by this three-storey coffee shop on Yangshuo West Street.

With hip-and-gable roofs supported by beams and adorned with brilliant red lanterns, this Starbucks location’s vivid storefront evokes the classic design of a Chinese garden pavilion. Most importantly, this café pays homage to Yangshuo’s rich past as a more than 1,400-year-old town.

Address: West Street Walking Street, Yangshuo County 541900 China

Milan, Italy

As a nation responsible for espresso’s origin, Italians may be a difficult crowd to reach. After all, they have an abundance of cafes that can keep both locals and tourists interested for days.

This meant Starbucks had to come up with a unique idea for the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milano that even the pickiest coffee connoisseurs would appreciate.

This 2,300-square-foot cafe is housed in the Palazzo della Poste in Piazza Cordusio and features Tuscan marble and high-end equipment. When it opened for business in September 2018, this outlet became the first Starbucks to feature an affogato station, where customers can pair their coffee with freshly-made ice cream.

Address: Piazza Cordusio, 3, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo is the greatest show-stealer among all the locations in Japan in terms of style. In this immersive cafe, every step of the coffee, tea, cocktails, and pastry preparation process is artistically shown on each of the four floors. Customers can observe the entire process of producing coffee here, from roasting the beans to drawing out the flavours in premium brews.

Another eye-catching element of this Starbucks location is the 17-metre cask, whose copper cherry blossoms pay homage to the beautiful trees in the Nakameguro neighbourhood.

Address: 2 Chome-19-23 Aobadai, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0042, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chayaten, housed inside a 100-year-old Japanese townhouse or machiya, is a cafe that also serves as a tourist attraction in and of itself. The noren curtains by the front door and the tiled roof, which gives the store a distinctively Japanese appearance, are visible from the street. Customers can remove their shoes, sit on cushions made of Tango silk fabric, and drink their coffee in one of the three tatami rooms.

The road that leads to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kiyomizu Temple also passes by this Starbucks location. This hidden gem captures the calm state that Kyoto, the old imperial city of Japan, is renowned for, much like the tea shops that line Ninenzaka Street.

Address: 349 Masuyacho, Higashiyama Ward, 〒605-0826 Kyoto, Japan

Ketchum in Idaho, USA

This distinctive location in Ketchum, Idaho, has been named one of the world’s most beautiful Starbucks locations since 2016. It is the only Starbucks location with a ski-themed interior and is an absolutely stunning destination. The store is housed in a historical structure and still has its original classic exterior.

Although the outlet’s exteriors are historic, its interiors have an elegant, modern design with cosy lounge areas, a comfortable fireplace, and perfect lighting. Along with its gorgeous architecture, this shop offers a wide selection of coffee blends and drinks that are sure to please even the most sophisticated coffee drinker.

Address: 491 Sun Valley Rd, Ketchum, ID 83340, United States of America