This ultimate guide will uncover ski destinations beyond breathtaking landscapes, focusing on tailored experiences for women skiers. From safety measures and inclusivity to specialised programs, there are plenty of resorts in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania that understand and cater to the specific needs of women.

Whether you’re seeking skill enhancement, a sense of community, or a holistic skiing experience, this guide is your passport to the world’s top destinations designed to empower and embrace women in the thrilling skiing world. This guide goes off-piste from the Alps to Australia, paving the way for women’s empowerment in the mountains.

Empowering women on the slopes

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To this day, the gender gap in skiing remains, with a recent study by the Ski Club of Great Britain reporting that 66% of skiers are male and only 34% women. However, in recent years, there has been a steady increase in women’s participation, most likely driven by the rise in women athletes across the skiing landscape.

Pioneering women skiers like Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn have not only dominated the slopes but have also catalysed change within the industry. Shiffrin, a multiple Olympic gold medalist, has advocated for gender equality in skiing, while Vonn’s achievements have shattered gender norms and opened doors for aspiring women athletes.

Their influence extends beyond medals, as they have also impacted the development of women-specific ski equipment and initiatives such as educational programmes which promote inclusivity. More than ever, women have great role models to look up to across the skiing industry, which helps create an environment where women feel welcome and empowered on the slopes.

Tips on choosing women-friendly ski destinations

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If you’re thinking about getting away for a winter or Easter skiing holiday, selecting the ideal women-friendly ski destination involves consideration of several factors that contribute to a positive and inclusive experience.

Safety measures take precedence, including well-maintained slopes, reliable medical facilities, and thorough emergency protocols. Inclusivity plays a crucial role, with destinations providing an environment that caters to women of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned skiers.

Amenities like comfortable accommodation with women-specific considerations, such as well-equipped changing rooms, contribute significantly to the overall experience. Look for destinations prioritising women-centric programs, including specialised ski schools, women instructors, workshops, and events.

Although not a necessity, women may want to consider ski destinations that have a mix of après-ski activities. Examples of these include a good shopping scene, various bars and restaurants, and opportunities for other fun activities such as ice skating and snowmobiling.

These elements collectively ensure a welcoming atmosphere where women skiers can thrive, fostering a sense of community and empowerment on the slopes.

Top women-friendly ski destinations around the world


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Europe boasts a myriad of women-friendly ski destinations, each offering a unique blend of adventure and inclusivity. In the Swiss Alps, Verbier stands out for its glamour and pristine landscapes, as well as its renowned women-centric ski programs.

The resort not only prioritises safety with well-maintained slopes but also offers specialised clinics and workshops designed exclusively for women skiers, ensuring an empowering experience for all skill levels.

Austria’s St. Anton am Arlberg follows suit, with an emphasis on inclusivity. The resort provides comprehensive safety measures, including stellar on-site medical facilities and avalanche awareness programs.

Additionally, if you’re going on an Easter skiing holiday, Sno Holidays is a great company to book through. St. Anton’s après-ski scene thrives around this time of year. It offers activities like wellness retreats and networking events, catering to the diverse interests of women visitors.

North America

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Across the Atlantic, North America boasts its share of women-friendly ski havens. Aspen Snowmass in Colorado leads the way with its commitment to women’s skiing progression. The resort hosts women-specific ski camps, blending skill enhancement with an empowering community atmosphere.

Safety measures at Aspen Snowmass include avalanche education and well-patrolled slopes. If you’re choosing to have a day off from skiing, the resort offers cultural experiences, spa retreats, and shopping. What more could you want from the perfect Easter skiing holiday?

Meanwhile, Whistler Blackcomb in Canada stands out for its women-centric programs, complemented by comprehensive safety protocols and an array of off-slope activities, such as snowshoeing and culinary events, ensuring an enriching experience beyond the slopes. If you have a shop around, you may be able to find some great Easter ski packages in Blackcomb.


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Venturing into Asia, Hakuba Valley in Japan shines as a women-friendly ski destination. Safety measures are prioritised, with well-marked trails and efficient rescue services. Hakuba Valley embraces its cultural richness, offering traditional Japanese hot springs (onsen) and cultural events, providing a holistic experience for women skiers.

South Korea’s Yong Pyong Resort caters to women with dedicated programs and safety initiatives, along with unique cultural aspects like K-pop dance classes and traditional tea ceremonies. This creates an immersive skiing experience beyond the norm.


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In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand offer women-friendly ski destinations that blend adventure with relaxation. Thredbo in Australia stands out for its women-specific clinics and safety-focused approach. Beyond skiing, the resort offers spa retreats and yoga sessions, ensuring a rejuvenating experience.

In New Zealand, Queenstown’s Coronet Peak provides a welcoming atmosphere with women-focused ski lessons and safety measures. Visitors can also indulge in local wine tours and scenic helicopter rides, adding a touch of luxury to the overall experience.

Tips to empower women skiers

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Gear matters: Be sure to invest in properly fitted gear, especially boots. You should also choose high-performance women-specific skis and equipment.
Skill building: Consider women-specific ski lessons or clinics to enhance skills. This will allow you to focus on building strength and agility through targeted exercises, in a women-centred environment.

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Safety first: Always wear a helmet for protection, and familiarise yourself with the resort’s safety protocols and emergency procedures.
Community and networking: Look for resorts that prioritise inclusivity and diversity, by hosting women-friendly programs and initiatives. Join women’s ski groups so you can connect with other women skiers to share experiences and tips.

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Après-ski enjoyment: A ski holiday wouldn’t be complete without exploring non-skiing activities like spa retreats or cultural events. Be sure to embrace the social aspect of the holiday with après-ski gatherings.
Self-care: Prioritise rest and recovery, especially after intense skiing sessions. Try incorporating stretching and relaxation techniques into your routine.
Confidence building: Challenge yourself gradually to build confidence. By joining a women’s ski group, you can celebrate achievements, big or small, together to boost confidence.

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There are a variety of women-friendly ski destinations globally that highlight a transformative shift in the skiing landscape. From the Alps to New Zealand, these resorts prioritise safety, inclusivity, and specialised programs, reflecting the evolving role of women in shaping the industry.

These destinations offer not only exhilarating skiing experiences but also a supportive, empowering community. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a novice, these resorts invite women to embrace a changing and inclusive skiing culture.