Foodies and adventure seekers, get ready to indulge in some authentic traditional Selangor cuisine like never before! Let’s be real for a second. When it comes to food from the various states of Malaysia, we do tend to think of Penang, Kelantan, or Melaka. But in this new partnership between Tourism Selangor, Tourism Malaysia Los Angeles, and the Malay Customs and Heritage Corporation Selangor (PADAT), Selangor’s fare can now come to the fore.

This emphasis on authentic traditional cuisine will see you embark on a mouthwatering visual journey through the heartlands of Selangor in a series of videos hosted by Chef Daniel Green and local celebrity Chef Prof Dato’ Chef Zam.

Kicking things off in the first episode, they identify the hidden culinary gems of Sepang, where you can savour dishes prepared using age-old techniques and recipes. Think of it as inspo for where to find your next favourite meal in the area.

As a world-renowned celebrity chef and healthy eating specialist, Chef Daniel Green has sampled the myriad delectable cuisine on offer in Sepang and even located the original Nasi Ambeng in Selangor, Selangor’s official cultural heritage dish. Both chefs also train with the best in Sepang to master the art of making Nasi Ambeng themselves.

Nasi Ambeng aside, throughout the video, the chefs are introduced to a variety of other Malaysian dishes too — from Dragon Fruit Nasi Lemak to traditional chips to making their own Nasi Ambeng with the locals.

Don’t miss Episode 1 that’ll be released on 25 June 2023, on the official Tourism Selangor YouTube channel and Episode 2 on the 9 July 2023!

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