Bunny-U x PONEY’s Little Explorer Gift Box Inspires Kids To Explore The World

Bunny-U x PONEY’s Little Explorer Gift Box Inspires Kids To Explore The World

Spark the wanderlust in your little one with the Little Explorer Gift Box by Bunny-U and PONEY that features the local brands’ most beloved products. (Image courtesy of Bunny-U and PONEY.)

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Young children enjoy using their imaginations to construct, explore, and create everything they can imagine. Not to mention that while on their adventure, kids need good nutrition. This is why two Malaysian brands — Bunny-U and PONEY — have launched the Little Explorer gift box that’s the perfect gift for your little explorer.

This limited edition gift box will spark the wanderlust in your little one was they can explore, play with, and discover the fan favourite products featured in the specially designed bag from PONEY. From snacks to stickers, kids need engagement as they travel, and this is the kit to help you do just that!

But ultimately, the goal of the Bunny-U x PONEY collaboration is to introduce easily accessible nutritional food and beverage options for children in an era of increased health awareness, all while inspiring young children to be inquisitive as they explore the unknown, and contains everything a young explorer needs to get started. Here’s what’s inside:

1. A Red Classic Poney 1992 Logo Backpack
A perfect toddler backpack for necessities and discoveries.

2. Honeybunch Fruity Crunch Cereal
Packed with three types of freeze-dried fruits and yoghurt cubes to kickstart a better breakfast.

3. Oh!mega Seeds Peanut Butter Duo (2 bottles)
High in protein, sugar-free peanut butter spread set loaded with chia seeds and flaxseeds.

4. Caramel Superseed Kiddy Pop!corn
Buttered popcorn that is 50% less sweet with crunchy chia seed coating for better brain health and antioxidants.

5. Bunny-U Sticker Set
Perfect for kids who want to get more creative or sport their favourite blue bunny in their notebooks.

The Little Explorer gift box is available for RM130 at Signature Market. Bunny-U complies with international standards for child nutrition used in places like the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and China by using nutrient-rich natural ingredients in their products and avoiding the use of artificial preservatives and colouring. Yummy, safe, and nutritious! And above all, offers peace of mind for mum and dad.

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