There are many things to love about city streets, and one of them is the abundance of street food sellers that ensure that we never go hungry. There is, as you might expect, a lot of rivalry for the title of ‘greatest street food in the world’. But one dish stands out above the rest according to the culinary travel guide TasteAtlas — and that’s Malaysia’s own roti canai (Indian flatbread).

The dishes in the list were ranked based on audience ratings following a 5-star system. Our beloved roti canai earned a stellar 4.9 out of 5 rating!

To those who are unfamiliar, roti canai is a type of pan-fried flatbread typically eaten with a dhal-style curry. But it’s yummy even on its own and is also great when paired with any curry of your choice. Roti canai is a classic of Malaysian street cuisine, usually found in Mamak shops, and is a clear victor because of its buttery, crispy exterior and soft, layered interior.

Top 5 street food dishes

Filipino lumpiang Shanghai is the world’s second-best street cuisine, and with good reason. This appetiser is reminiscent of Chinese spring rolls, except it is deep-fried and seasoned with pork, beef, or shrimp before being doused in a sweet and sour sauce for a party.

Next on the list is Japanese karaage, ranked number three for its technique of keeping the chicken’s exterior extra crispy while the inside is tender and juicy. Chicken pieces are seasoned with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce, and then coated in arrowroot powder and deep-fried.

Next up on the list is bánh mì, a loaded sandwich from Vietnam that is both cheap and nutrient-dense. This healthy bite is a tasty dish using the French baguette as a base and filling it with meat, fresh veggies, fine seasonings, and pickle vegetables.

To the delight of Indians, paratha ranked fifth. Parathas, which originated in South Asia, are a staple breakfast food for many Indians, especially in the country’s northern regions. It goes great with curd or pickle and can be stuffed with your favourite vegetables. Technically, you could say that this is the mother of the roti canai and where it originates from.

However, visitors to the Taste Atlas’s website show that the third, fourth, and fifth places have been replaced with Guotie from China, Scallion Pancake from China, and Espetos from Spain.

Here is a list of Taste Atlas’s top 10 dishes according to Taste Atlas’s Facebook page:

  1. Roti canai – Malaysia
  2. Lumpiang Shanghai – Philippines
  3. Karaage – Japan
  4. Bánh mì – Vietnam
  5. Paratha – India
  6. Gringas – Mexico
  7. Guotie – China
  8. Carnitas – Mexico
  9. Carne asada tacos – Mexico
  10. Negima yakitori – Japan

The full Top 50 list according to their website can be found here. What do you think of this list?

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