Taking a flight in first or business class means more than just a nice seat. It means an opportunity for airlines to experiment with fine dining by serving meals that highlight the signature foods of a particular location or the specialities of a famous chef. In the case of Qatar Airways, it’s both.

If you choose to fly with one of the world’s best airlines and cabin crew, then you will soon have the chance to enjoy Malaysia’s very own Chef Wan’s locally-inspired menu for Qatar Airway’s Business Class passengers.

Chef Wan conducts a cooking demonstration of his heritage nyonya curry laksa recipe
Courtesy of Qatar Airways.

Commemorating the airline’s 25th anniversary and having flown the route for 20 years, this partnership will be offered on flights from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Doha from July 2022 in Business Class.

As the winner of Skytrax World’s Best Business Class Onboard Catering 2021, Qatar Airways continues to innovate its onboard dining options through innovative culinary partnerships with renowned chefs and restaurants throughout the world.

Chef Wan’s menu is based on traditional Malaysian cooking methods and flavours from the country. Guests can look forward to mouth-watering dishes such as charcoal-grilled fish fillet with spicy Portuguese sauce paired with lemuni rice, okra and chili padi; as well as lamb kuzi served with Terengganu style rice, cashew nut and acah buah.

The menu also includes an exclusive heritage recipe of Nyonya curry laksa passed down through different generations from Chef Wan’s family. Also on the menu is pisang goreng (banana fritters), Malaysia’s favourite sweet delight, reimagined by Chef Wan as Deep-Fried Caramel Bananas.

But anyway, here’s the full menu to whet your appetite.

Qatar Airways Chef Wan Business Class Menu

Trio of appetisers

Poached prawns and mango salad with glass noodles
Ginger flower, spring onions and lime cheek

Duo pomelo salad with lime and cili dressing
Prawn cracker, cherry tomato, and sesame

Seared scallop and tuna with papaya salad
Cucumber noodles, pineapple, and malinja cracker


Oxtail soup
Blanched vegetables and fried shallots

To follow

Nyonya Curry Laksa
Prawns and quail egg with sambal curry laksa

Main course

Charcoal-grilled fish fillet with spicy Portuguese sauce
Lemuni rice, okra, and cili padi
Lamb Kuzi with Terengganu-style rice
Cashew nut and acah buah
Chicken percik with lemon rice pilaf
Pajeri nenas and percik sauce

Sweet platter

Deep fried caramel banana
Mango cream brulee

Petit fours

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