Although international travel is slowly reopening, the prospect of flying off for a week-long wellness retreat in Bali or Koh Samui isn’t at all far-fetched. If you’re willing to jump through hoops, that is. Think: several expensive PCR tests and days lost to quarantine.

This is where destination spas and wellness centres come in.

While the future of international travel is currently undetermined, the good news is that you won’t have to travel as far as the Himalayas to indulge in your own wellness retreat. Granted, it may not have Bali’s awe-inducing views, it still has all you need — and more! One such place in Kuala Lumpur (KL) is the Beaubelle Flagship Salon that recently opened their doors at Hartamas Shopping Centre.

The Beaubelle Flagship Salon is a one-stop destination for all of your skin and body wellness needs. If you want to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate, try the Beaubelle Swiss experience — a total wellness concept of skin and body management that helps you on the inside and outside. Beaubelle is also the sister brand of B&B Labs — a Malaysian cosmeceuticals brand you can enjoy Zafigo Perks from!

Having everything it needs to determine a client’s specific needs through a combination of basic physical examinations and the ancient TCM pulse diagnosis approach, the salon will create a client-specific programme. If you’re still not convinced, here are some treatments available at Beaubelle Flagship Salon performed by their expert and qualified therapists and doctors.

For the face

Image by Arina Krasnikova.

•Standard Screening & Review Consultation
• Picojoie Laser Rejuvenation
• Picojoie Laser Therapy (Rejuvenation & Brightening)
• Deep Skin Detoxication – Tri Machine Cleansing
• Super Oxygen Skin Fitness Facial Treatment
• Skin Luxe – Rose Rutin Peptide Brightening Facial Treatment
• Skin Luxe – 3D Gold Caviar Peptide Firming Facial Treatment
• Jubilation Skin Fitness Facial Treatment
• Hydration & Immune Therapy – HIT
• Essential Manual Facial
• Classic Vitamin Hydration Facial Treatment
• Classic Intensive Clarifying Facial Treatment
• Classic Fair Skin Facial Treatment
• Classic Absolute Firming Facial Treatment
• Classic Biovegetal Relaxing Facial Treatment
• Essential Post Care Treatment
• Neck Classic Treatment
• Eye Classic Treatment 1- Fine lines/wrinkles
• Eye Classic Treatment 2– Dark Circles & Eye Bags

For the body

Image by engin akyurt.

• GlacialContour Cryolipolysis
• GlacialContour Body Cavitation Cellulite Reduction
• GlacialContour Diode Laser Lipolysis Treatment
• GlacialContour RF Firming & Contouring Therapy
• ExpreSculpt Fat Reduction
• ExperSculpt Muscle Gain
• Stress Release Body Massage
• Aroma Hot Oil Massage

For your health: Treatment Purpose Combination with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Image by Pietro Jeng.

• Selection of BSF Facial Treatment According to Skin + TCM – Face Qua Sha / Acupuncture
• TCM – Eye Wash + BSF Eye Treatment
• TCM – Shoulder & Neck Massage (Using Wooden Roller) + BSF – Full Body Massage
• BSF – Body Slimming Treatment + TCM – Slimming Acupuncture / Cupping (per part)
• Uterus Wellness Treatment
• TCM – Bust Enhancement & Wellness
• Eye Classic Treatment – Dark Circle & Eye Bags + TCM
• Eye Classic Treatment – Fine Lines / Wrinkles / TCM
• Classic Absolute Firming Facial Treatment + TCM
• Hydration & Immune Therapy – HIT + TCM

Find out more about their services and treatments here.