REXPERIENCE (RXP.KL) has unveiled another extraordinary tapestry of art. Following the success of ‘Other World’, culture vultures now will get the chance to step into the realms of ‘Piying Dream’ and ‘Matter of Painting’, two new immersive showcases, curated by the globally celebrated Danny Rose Studio.

Promising an enchanting fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology, this one-hour exhibition is sure to not only bend minds but also inspire creativity and touch hearts.

Here’s what you can expect at the two-in-one showcase:

Matter of Painting

Over 3,000 meticulously crafted shadow puppets from the Qing Dynasty to the present day come alive in a digital dance in the form of ‘Piying Dream’. This unprecedented showcase, recognised as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2011, weaves together iconic design motifs and vibrant colours sourced from one of the world’s largest collections of authentic artefacts.

As you traverse this fantastical world, iconic characters from classic Chinese literature, mythical creatures, and traditional pavilions shatter the confines of conventional portrayal. Dragons welcome the Lunar New Year, the wise Zhuge Liang imparts wisdom, and the beloved Sun Wukong (Monkey King) invites you on an extraordinary journey, all set against an original Chinese musical score enhancing the riveting audio-visual experience.

Piying Dream

‘Matter of Painting’ takes inspiration from the Action Paintings of 1950s New York City, transforming RXP.KL’s theatre hall into a living canvas. An invisible digital artist explores a myriad of colours and textures, unfolding a live painting performance that challenges perceptions of space and depth, creating a meditative atmosphere.

The Piying Dream and Matter of Painting immersive exhibition is showing from 9 February – 6 September 2024 at REXKL. Shown every hour from 10am to 10pm, tickets can be purchased at

Ticket price:
RM60 for adults
RM42 for youth, students, seniors, and OKU
RM30 for children

Zafigo readers and followers can enjoy an additional 10% off their tickets when they use the code RXPPDZAF upon purchase. This code is valid for purchases made between 9 February to 6 September 2024. Once all 100 passes have been claimed, the code will automatically be invalidated.

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