Anis is happiest when she's out hiking or on a long train ride. She's always believed that everything will fall into place if you listen to your inner voice, strap on a backpack and put on a good pair of walking shoes. She also writes at

Tranz Alpine And The Coastal Pacific: Riding Through New Zealand’s South Island

By , 13 February 2019

"I take trains for three reasons: the absence of hurriedness, the people, and the views."

Northern Explorer: Exploring The Heart Of New Zealand’s North Island

By , 8 February 2019

In order to take your time as you enjoy all that space, we suggest that you explore New Zealand by rail.

Kuala Lumpur’s Hidden Gems: Hip & Heritage Hotspots Around Medan Tuanku

By , 6 January 2016

Anis set out on foot to explore the Kuala Lumpur’s hippest joints and some of the city’s oldest restaurants in Medan Tuanku.

The Case For Disconnecting: 10 Days In The Namib Desert

By , 15 July 2015

It was the sound of flapping that woke me up that night. Wings, somewhere in the dark. It wasn’t anything large, for that would have been terrifying. It was a small insect, but the silence and the d...

A Confounding Second Visit To Beijing

By , 29 May 2015

It was my second time in Beijing, and something had changed. The city was different. I don’t like it that much anymore, I thought. I’d done all the major sights, even done the Great Wall again but...

Finding Peace Of Mind On Long Train Journeys

By , 27 March 2015

Nothing gets my pulse racing faster than the sound of a train whistle. I may not know where the train is headed, but knowing that it’s nearby and about to leave soon for wherever gets me excited.