It’s A Jolly Holi Holiday! [VIDEO]

Gulal is the traditional name given to the coloured powders used for Holi and other Hindu rituals (Photo by Debashis Biswas via Unsplash)

A popular ancient Hindu festival, the celebration of Holi marks the arrival of spring. The ‘festival of colours’ also celebrates love, fertility, and good harvest, and signifies the triumph of good over evil.

Holi usually takes place sometime in March with the date varying every year according to the position of the moon. The end of winter is signalled by the day of the full moon (Phalguna Purnima), thus starting the vibrant festivities.

Before things get a little (too) messy, here’s a first-timer’s guide to Holi celebrations: Everything You Need To Know About India’s Most Colourful Festival

India is known for its unique festivals, customs and traditions. Take a look at some of these cultural rituals that are not seen anywhere else: 4 Indian Festivals With Unique Rituals

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