Whenever we embark on our travels, one thing always takes centre stage for sure: food. For those seeking halal options, some pre-trip research is often necessary, and if you’re looking to indulge in an extraordinary halal dining experience in the Netherlands, our curated list has got you covered!

Prepare your tastebuds to delve into the vibrant culinary scene of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag — the country’s three major cities — where we’ve unearthed the top 11 halal food havens. Even if you don’t observe a halal diet, these restaurants are absolute must-tries during your time in the country.

Get ready to treat your taste buds with an array of mouthwatering halal delights!


Sari Citra Amsterdam

Sari Citra in Amsterdam exemplifies the profound impact of Indonesian cuisine on the dynamic Dutch food scene, reflecting the enduring cultural connection between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Having been around since 1996, this restaurant has been delighting diners with a tantalising array of delectable traditional Indonesian dishes infused with the distinctive flavours of Java.

Located nearby the popular Albery Cuypmarkt, this cosy toko (shop) serves various viands presented in the typical nasi padang style like you’d find here in Malaysia. It’s often packed during lunch, and that’s not surprising, as it’s an ideal take-out meal with a reasonable price!

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 52bg, 1072 LL Amsterdam
Contact: +31 20 675 4102

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Taco Lindo

Discover Amsterdam’s hidden culinary gem: Taco Lingo. This underrated spot serves the best Mexican street food, featuring tacos with crispy cheese and homemade salsa. Founded by passionate Mexican chefs, Taco Lingo offers affordable options, including halal meats and vegan choices.

Look for the Mexican flag waving above their stall at Albert Cuypmarkt for an authentic taste of Mexico in Amsterdam.

Address: Albert Cuypmarkt, 1017 NH Amsterdam

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Rainarai Restaurant

Get ready for a culinary journey with Rainarai, a nomadic Algerian restaurant that captures the essence of Algerian cuisine using organic ingredients and seasonal produce. Prepare to indulge in a medley of flavours as you savour their renowned Merguez sausage, crafted from a blend of spicy lamb and beef — a treat worth every calorie.

But the gastronomic adventure doesn’t stop there. Be sure not to miss out on delighting your taste buds with their Harira soup — a hearty and flavourful concoction, perfect for cold and rainy days. Rainarai is the ideal destination for a romantic dinner date, where you can create unforgettable memories, or for a delightful gathering with friends and family.

Address: Prinsengracht 252, 1016 HG Amsterdam
Contact: +31 20 624 9791

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Ladybird Fried Chicken

Step into the extraordinary world of Ladybird, where fried chicken takes on an artisanal twist and halal dining reaches new heights. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill fried chicken joint. Prepare to be amazed by their 100% halal, southern-style fried chicken, topped off with an unexpected touch: a crown of luxurious caviar.

Indulge in the ultimate flavour sensation as you savour each succulent bite of their expertly prepared chicken, perfectly complemented by freshly baked cornbread.

If you’re craving something heavier, treat yourself to their highly recommended mac and cheese.

Address: Sarphatipark 4, 1072 PA Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Sefa Restaurant & BBQ

In the mood for Turkish cuisine? Stop by Sefa, a Turkish-inspired eatery, delighting patrons with its tender and juicy mixed grill, mouthwatering shawarma, and crispy baklava. The cosy and inviting space is perfect for a delightful lunch or dinner.

Sefa beckons as the ultimate destination to satiate your hunger with a satisfying, full meal whenever you’re done exploring the city. Just a stone’s throw away, a mere 2-minute walk will lead you to Anne Frank House should you feel like exploring after refuelling.

Address: Westermarkt 25, 1016 DJ, Amsterdam
Contact: +31 20 773 9212

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Yellow River

At Yellow River, the art of hand-pulled noodles is the focus, and it’s known for serving some of the best Lanzhou noodles — an absolute must eat when in Rotterdam! Made fresh daily, this spot is a haven for noodle lovers. Prepare to delight your taste buds as you explore a diverse range of noodle options, offering six enticing varieties that vary in thickness and shape.

Their inclusive menu, catering to diverse dietary options, sets Yellow River apart. All items on the menu are halal, with a wide selection of vegetarian options available so that everyone can get it on the deliciousness!

Address: Mauritsweg 46A, 3012 JV Rotterdam
Contact: +31 6 24734939

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MeMe Vietnamese Restaurant

Prepare to be transported to the bustling streets of Vietnam at MeMe Vietnamese Restaurant, known for its fragrant pho and delicious bun bo hue. Tucked away in the southern part of Rotterdam, this hidden local gem calls out to all lovers of Vietnamese cuisine, with the added bonus of catering to halal dietary restrictions. The lively decor sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience, perfect for group dining or a romantic dinner date.

Address: Zuidplein 88, 3083 CW Rotterdam
Contact: +31 10 843 0309

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Mecca is your go-to neighbourhood cafe for a delightful breakfast and brunch experience. Their freshly made falafel wrap is a falafel lover’s dream and the perfect choice to satisfy your cravings, and definitely one of the best we’ve ever tasted.

The restaurant also offers a variety of Middle Eastern-inspired vegetarian dishes, including labneh with egg and fattoush salad. While you’re there, order their irresistible babka bread, accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee; or tea if you’re not into caffeine.

Address: Noordsingel 39, 3035 EJ Rotterdam

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Den Haag

Warung Padang Lapek

This family-owned Indonesian restaurant serves authentic Padang-style food, with their Nasi Padang set being the most popular dish. If you love spicy food, you will appreciate the flavours of this meal. Warung Padang Lapek is a favourite among many Indonesians residing in the Netherlands, so you know it’s the real deal.

It can get pretty crowded, especially during weekends, so be sure to come before the lunch hour rush if you’re craving some authentic Padang food. Everything is prepared fresh daily, making it great value for money!

Address: Schoolstraat 35, 2511 AW Den Haag
Contact: +31 70 406 2928

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Aroi Soi 9

Discover Aroi Soi 9, a humble booth tucked behind Den Haag Central Station in the MingleMush food hall, where authentic Thai cuisine is available to locals and tourists alike. Savour the mouthwatering flavours of their spicy Thai Basil, served with a perfectly fried egg, and don’t miss their signature papaya salad. If you find yourself in Den Haag, stop by this spot for proper Thai food in the Netherlands.

Address: Anna van Buerenplein 712, 2595 BH Den Haag
Contact: +31 6 44925257

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Day Dream Deli

Craving for a seriously good sandwich after all the exploring? Check out Day Dream Deli, a sandwich shop in Den Haag’s heart. Indulge in their tantalising Montreal-style sandwiches, filled with top-notch halal meats, homemade sauces, and freshly-baked bread.

Their crowd-favourite is the short rib burger and mouthwatering beef brisket sandwich — a heavenly treat and must-orders from the menu!

Address: Molenstraat 65A, 2513 BJ Den Haag
Contact: +31 70 778 6380

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