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When headed out of town with your vape equipment, it’s essential to know the guidelines and rules of travelling with one. Regardless of whether your trips are domestic or international, it’s essential to be privy to any regulations or procedures there may be with regards to transporting any e-fluid, mods, or a set of charged batteries for a smooth travel experience. After all, the last thing you want is to accidentally or unknowingly break the law in a foreign land. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Do your homework

It’s essential that you find out about whether the place you’re visiting will allow vapes or not. In contrast to cigarettes, vapes are considerably more complicated because they are battery operated. This means that just like various other modern battery-operated gadgets — for example, cameras and laptops — vapes may have restrictions on them. Cameras and laptops have restrictions with respect to how they need to be carried and stored and whether they’re safe or legal to use.

2. Know the laws

If you intend to fly overseas, read up on the rules, regulations, and restrictions of the country you’re going to. For instance, vapes are banned in Thailand. As the nation is an extremely popular tourist destination, the government chose to ban vaping completely in 2014 over security concerns. This means any local or traveller who enters the country with vaping equipment may be slapped with fines or even a jail sentence. Gulf States such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have additionally prohibited the utilisation of e-liquids and vaping equipment for a similar reason. Similarly, in Singapore, it’s prohibited to possess, purchase, or use e-cigarettes or vaporisers.

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3. Battery safety

As mentioned before, vapes can only run on batteries. This means that they’re a potential fire hazard and risk explosion. This is a primary cause of concern for many governments. With a number of incidents being reported, airlines have prohibited vaping equipment from being stowed into check-in luggage like any other battery-operated gadget (such as a power bank). So if you’re flying with your vape, ensure it’s in your hand-carry and that the batteries are removed throughout the flight.

4. About e-liquids

E-liquids constitute a part of your vaping equipment, so ensure you understand the guidelines for the amount you’re allowed to carry. If you are carrying e-liquids in 100ml containers, you shouldn’t have any issues as it meets the allocated maximum amount for LAGs (liquids, aerosols, and gels). Additionally, ensure that the e-liquid is placed in a clear, transparent Ziploc bag. Larger amounts of LAGs will need to be checked in. If you’re planning a long trip, a smart thought is to fill a bottle of your preferred e-liquids and keep it in your checked luggage instead. After all, who knows if you’ll be able to acquire your favourite flavours and juices where you’re headed.

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5. Keep it simple

With vape becoming more popular with time, there’s now a plethora of flavours to choose from, ranging from creamy and nutty, to sweet and fruity. With such a variety of flavours to choose from, it may very well be difficult to select which ones to bring. So if you have an extensive range, bring only what’s necessary and not your entire collection. Liquids will, after all, add to your baggage allowance should you choose to check them in. Consider bringing a good mix so you’re set.

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6. Study your surroundings

Generally, smoking restrictions in public spaces also apply to e-cigarettes and vapes. However, do know that most airports have smoking lounges or open-air spaces where you can smoke/vape. Whatever it is, to play safe, don’t smoke indoors.

7. Respect everyone around you

Last but not least, be considerate of those around you. While vaping may be a typical, ordinary thing to you, there are many individuals who do not partake in the habit. It’s best to have respect and regard for others. Make sure you’re in a smoking zone when you’re sparking up, or if you’re in an open-air space but have people nearby — especially children or pregnant women — pause your puffing or move away.

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