Most famous for its lush paddy fields, Sekinchan has long attracted visitors, especially since it’s only two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. As for Kuala Selangor, city folks often flock to the local destination to experience the famous Sky Mirror attraction. But there’s more to these two places than what’s been mentioned, and if you’re in the mood for a quick drive out of town, then go on and book a place to stay at Sekinchan or Kuala Selangor as our mini-guide can help lead you to other attractions too!

Get ready to level up your weekend with these stress-free activities on your next visit to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor.


1. Learn about rice and how it’s processed at Paddy Gallery

No doubt, those who’ve visited Sekinchan would’ve probably visited the paddy fields — you know, for the ‘Gram. But you probably don’t know that there’s a way to learn how rice is harvested and processed.

If you want to make your trip educational (but fun), stop by Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan. Within the factory’s walls, there’s a dedicated section called the Paddy Gallery, where visitors can learn more about the rice-making process. It is, after all, Asia’s beloved staple, so such an activity only makes sense!

Don’t worry about aimlessly going around the property because these are guided tours — a small fee of RM5 gets you entry to the factory, allows you to check out demonstrations, and all while your tour guide explains every step.

Address: Lot No, Ban 2, 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
Contact: +6016 215 7028

2. Breathe in some fresh air and cycle around the paddy fields

Okay, this list about Sekinchan will only be complete if we mention exploring the paddy fields themselves, so while you’re there, cycle around the lush stretches of rice paddies and take in the scenery. You can rent different types of bicycles in the area, and there’s even one with a little umbrella! Have your camera on standby, as there’ll be so many picture-perfect moments!

Address: 8 Jalan Menteri, Pekan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
Contact: +6019 241 6045 (Mr Foo); +6016 347 1211(Ms Lee)

3. Make your wish at the Sekinchan Wishing Tree

Located in the Pantai Redang area, the Sekinchan Wishing tree is an absolute must-visit. This hotspot is home to thousands of wishes, and the tree itself is quite a sight, as the branches are weighed down by long red ribbons bearing coins.

The actual activity is free, but we encourage donating at the nearby temple, where you can also grab a red ribbon to write your wishes on before flinging them up to the tree. Word has it that the higher the ribbon dangles, the more likely your wish will come true!

Address: 25 Jalan Jpt, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

4. Witness the magic of the Blue Tears

If you’re planning on staying the night in Sekinchan, there are plenty of activities to do, and one of them is witnessing the natural nighttime phenomenon known as the Blue Tears. Caused by Dinoflagellates, these algae or marine plankton emit blue-green light at night and make the waters bioluminescent, and we recommend going from 9pm. Bring along mosquito repellent too!

You can book this experience here.

5. Watch the fireflies dance in the night

Nature has so much beauty to offer, and in Sekinchan, you’re spoilt for choice! From planktons, we now move on to fireflies that will quite literally light up your life. Also known as lightning bugs, these little guys are commonly found in swamps and wetlands — think The Princess and the Frog.

You can purchase the experience for as low as RM20, and a boat cruise will take you to a quaint little village called Kampung Kuantan, where you can watch the fireflies flit around up close.

Address: Jalan Club, Kampung Kuantan, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Kuala Selangor

6. Visit the Sky Mirror

Okay, we know we said there is more to Kuala Selangor than the Sky Mirror, but when you’re already in the area, there is no way you can miss out on such a cool phenomenon. If you’re there on a weekend getaway, save this outing for first thing in the morning. This helps beat the (sometimes) long queue, and also, you’ll get great lighting. Bring along an umbrella; they protect you from the sun and make a great prop too!

Address: Jalan Sultan Mahmud, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

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7. Go for a hike at Bukit Malawati

Still got energy left in you? Clock in some extra steps as you embark on a short hike at Bukit Malawati, where a panoramic view of Kuala Selangor awaits. Besides hiking, history buffs will be happy to see relics of the past, like the lighthouse, protective walls of the fort, cannons, seven wells, and many more! There’s also a tourist train service for those who’d rather not hike around the area.

Address: Bukit Malawati, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor
Contact: +603 3289 1439