Escape to these riverside retreats located throughout Selangor!
Escape to these riverside retreats located throughout Selangor! ((L) @tanahlarwina / (R) @raturening)

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Most parts of Malaysia has now entered Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan, and with that comes travel restrictions being lifted. So, we understand if your legs are getting jittery with excitement to meet your uncles and aunties, grandparents, or friends. Organising a gathering is among our specialities, and we can sit in front of our laptop for hours just to find the best retreats for a group trip.

That said, these riverside retreats in Selangor are perfect for those long-overdue gatherings with your family and friends. Oh, and they’re pretty pandemic-friendly too, thanks to the openness.

1. Idyllic Villa, Batang Kali

(Jianshen & Fong/Airbnb)

Its contemporary design has made the Idyllic Villa simplistic while allowing guests to connect with nature. Within the compound of its property, you have the luxury of enjoying the river stream to yourself as it offers privacy. With three bedrooms and essential amenities provided, the house can comfortably accommodate up to nine people.

6+ guests / Starts at RM1200+ per night

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2. Selaru Loft House, Serendah

(Selaru Loft House/Facebook)

Suitable for bigger groups of gatherings, Selaru Loft House is a spot that will let you immerse yourself in nature and the company you came with. With no Wi-Fi services available, this is a place you’ll come to disconnect from bustling city life. As it’s located in the forest, it’s highly recommended for camping enthusiasts. Of course, safety measures need to be taken for snakes, tigers, and other wild animals.

10+ guests / Starts at RM750 per night

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3. Aman Dusun Farm Retreat, Hulu Langat

(Glamgoat Aman Dusun Farm Retreat/Facebook)

Want to experience a farm stay with a riverside view? Well then, this is the perfect place for you and your crew! Besides the private swimming pool, Aman Dusun offers yoga, breakfast with fresh milk from the farm, a badminton court, and a ping pong area for some sports activities. This serene two-bedroom house also provides a kitchen space and cooking utensils for you to cook up a storm with family and friends. No Wi-Fi is available here, so enjoy your escape away from the city with loved ones.

10+ guests / Starts at RM1500 per night

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4. Ratu Rening Residency, Batang Kali

(Ratu Rening Residency/Facebook)

Inspired by a legendary queen of Kelantan, Cik Siti Wan Kembang, the property was designed and nestled in the jungle thought to be the Queen’s lost kingdom. Ratu Rening Residency offers two types of vacation rentals: Sekebun Bunga and Dusun Raja.

Dusun Raja has three separate air-conditioned houses — Rumah Tok Raja, Basa Tok Btara, and Gog Tok Slapik — all of which can accommodate up to five pax per house. Whereas Sekebun Bunga houses three air-conditioned rooms under one enclave.

7+ guests / Starts at RM1500 per night

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5. Tanah Larwina, Hulu Langat


A combination of nature’s landscape and an animal farm will take you back to fond memories of your grandparent’s home (well, at least for us, it does). Tanah Larwina overlooks a cascading stream of the river and can comfortably fit up to 16 guests.

Perfect for family and friends getaways, this riverside property is an ideal destination to reset and reconnect with your loved ones. There are free-roaming animals too, so kids (and adults alike) will definitely enjoy their stay.

8+ guests / Starts at RM1700 per night

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6. Rumah Kebun, Hulu Langat

(Rumah Kebun/Facebook)

Less than an hour’s drive from KL’s city centre awaits a jungle retreat. Rumah Kebun is nestled on two and a half acres of land and surrounded by scenic greenery. With a rustic and minimalist design, guests can truly kick back, relax, and enjoy time in the private pool. There’s also a barbecue pit available for groups to enjoy outdoor dining! Feed the goats if you genuinely want to experience the kebun (farm) lifestyle.

Up to 16 guests / Starts at RM1700

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7. Hening Ty, Hulu Langat

Hening Ty offers an escape that is eco-friendly, surrounded by nature, and entertainment not too far off in Cheras. With five spacious bedrooms, Hening Ty can easily fit up to 16 people. The charming property values sustainable energy and uses natural spring water for taps, showers, and the swimming pool. Being eco-conscious, they use solar energy during the day and generators at night. There’s also a river for guests to take a refreshing dip in!

Up to 16 guests / Starts at RM2100 per night

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8. Two Sungai Residence, Hulu Langat

(Two Sungai Residence/Facebook)

Compared to the rest on this list, Two Sungai Residence is definitely considered one of the more expensive locations, but ensures privacy for guests who visit. This vacation home provides entertainment, a private swimming pool, and a Bali-like design with nature as its backdrop.

Insider tip: Try avoiding weekends and public holidays. Instead, plan your stay around weekdays to enjoy the RM3000 per night rate. Peak days (weekends and public holidays) can see a bump of up to more than RM4000 per night.

Up to 16 guests / Starts at RM3000 per night

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9. Nouri Villa, Hulu Langat

(Nouri Glass Villa/Instagram)

Known as a favourite for family gatherings, Nouri Villa is often fully booked over the weekends and public holidays. Nestled in a more tropical part of Selangor, the main attraction for the estate is its massive swimming pool for kids and adults. The glasshouse concept has seven bedrooms that can fit up to 20 guests, and it has an orchard of local fruits too! Good news for those who can’t seem to disconnect – Wi-Fi is available.

Up to 20 guests / Starts at RM2900 per night

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10. The Sticks Guide, Kuala Kubu Baru

(The Sticks/Instagram)

If this is your riverside destination of choice, look forward to disconnecting from the world as you enjoy the gentle breeze of the jungle. The Sticks offers tranquillity and unspoiled nature to its visitors, making it the perfect setting for a recharge.

The internet connection is relatively slow, which means you can stay off social media and join in the activities organised by the resort, such as river tubing and jungle trekking. With 11 dwellings available, guests can choose multiple huts or chalets that can accommodate two to seven people each.

Up to 20 guests / RM340-RM740 per chalet/hut

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11. Serendah River Retreat, Serendah

(Serendah River Retreat/Facebook)

Serendah River Retreat consists of two separate accommodations: The Brickhouse and The Woodhouse. The former houses up to 16 guests, while the latter can accommodate up to 30 guests comfortably. With the Selaru River as your backyard, at this destination, guests can truly experience the tropical oasis that is Serendah. Fire up the barbecue and enjoy squeezing in some laps in the infinity pool.

Up to 30 guests / Starts at RM 1100

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12. Huda’s Haven, Batang Kali

(Huda’s Haven Resort/Facebook)

Looking to organise a massive gathering of 100 people at one time while getting away from city life? Well, Huda’s Haven is the perfect place for a 3-in-1 package that offers nature, indoor and outdoor activities, and an events space. Whether for a big family event or a much-needed team-building trip, this place won’t let you stay still for too long as there are plenty of activities that await. From fishing, jungle trekking to karaoke – you name it, they’ve got it.

Up to 100 guests / Starts at RM410

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