With vaccination rates around the world increasing considerably, borders reopening, and vaccine passports in the pipeline, plans for travelling have also begun. But before you start buying tickets and securing that holiday you’ve been dreaming about for over a year now, please ask yourself this – how much attention do you pay to the environmental aspects of your vacation? 

In light of World Environment Day that took place on 5 June, Agoda conducted the Sustainable Travel Trends Survey – an online review on what the public feels are the leading environmental concerns caused by tourism. Based on that survey, the five top concerns about tourism’s impact on the environment are: 

  1. Overtourism
  2. Polluted beaches and waterways
  3. Deforestation for tourism
  4. Energy inefficiencies 
  5. Single-use plastics in accommodations


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According to the study, people also feel that local governments are accountable (26%) for paving the way to making positive changes towards more sustainable travel. This is followed by tourism authorities (23%), one’s self (20%), and so on. Of course, it takes two to tango, and holidaymakers too have a big role to play.  Agoda concludes the survey with a public pledge of (easy) sustainable measures one can take to make your holiday that much more eco-friendly.  

  • Manage my waste during my travel period
  • Switch the air-conditioner and lights off when I leave my room
  • Always look for eco-friendly accommodation
  • Try to manage my carbon footprint
  • Do my part to reuse hotel amenities such as towels or bedding
  • Shop local/choose independent businesses
  • Going to lesser-known destinations
  • Pick up litter when I visit the beach
  • Requesting for no toiletries in the room as I can bring my own
  • Use reef-friendly products on beach trips

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