Ready To Eat: 12 Pre-Packed Meals For The Busy You


With the Movement Control Order (MCO) back in place, many of us are staying in and complying with current SOPs. Although it’s fun to whip up amazing dishes at home, there are times you run out of groceries or are just craving a specific dish from your favourite restaurant that you simply cannot recreate at home. For times like these, check out these 13 restaurants to order pre-packed and ready-to-eat meals from!

Nourish Me


We recommend: Vegan Nasi Lemak with Mushroom Rendang

If your new year’s resolution for 2021 is to eat better, check out this Zafigo-Getters brand, Nourish Me. Offering guilt-free meal subscription plans from as low as RM90 per month, you can choose to have up to three meals delivered daily at no extra cost. Although catering to mainly vegetarian options, there’s Meat Mondays and Fish Fridays to look forward too!

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We recommend: Quarantine Starter Pack with pesto sauce

Let’s be real. Not all of us have the luxury of making fresh pasta from scratch, and many of us settle with store-bought dried pasta. The good people at Littlepeople have made it easy to attain freshly-made pasta while at home. With this kit – that costs a mere RM30 – you get to make three portions of their amazing pesto pasta that features fresh, handmade pasta and have some extra sauce leftover! 

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We recommend: mBL Classics Bundle

Ever wondered what it’d be like to work in the hot kitchens of nation-wide burger franchise myBurgerLab? Well, now’s your chance to flip some patties! Grab their mBL Classics Bundle and go for a test run, and once you emerged satisfied, try their bestseller Salted Egg Goodness bundle. For two pax portions (and more to share) priced at RM45 and RM40 respectively, we think it’s great value.

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KEK & Co.


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We recommend: DIY Brownie Slab

Telling your kids to not play with their food is now a thing of the past. KEK & Co.’s DIY Cupcake and Brownie Slab kits are guaranteed to keep children delighted for hours with the fun colours of the confetti sprinkles and cute packaging. It’s a creative project for both parent and kiddo to bond over (and helps fill their time on weekends since there’s no going out). Not to mention, it tastes great too!

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Snatch Pastries


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We recommend: DIY Camp Fire Smores kit

Dust your sleeping bag and pitch a tent, we’re going camping! Relive your Pandu Puteri (Girl Scouts) or Pengakap (Boy Scouts) memories by getting this DIY S’mores kit from Snatch Pastries. Imagine yourself sitting under the stars in your own backyard (remember to spray mosquito repellent), illuminated by fairy lights while toasting marshmallows over a burner stove (no open burning, please). With such thick clouds of handmade marshmallows sandwiched between dark chocolate and spiced graham crackers, life is suddenly better.

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We recommend: Botanica Home Chef Pizza Kit

Famed brunch spot Botanica+Co is well known for its cafe ambience that’s reminiscent of a greenhouse filled with hanging plants. Although you can’t physically dine-in, that doesn’t mean you can’t have their tantalising menu delivered! With their new Botanica Home Chef kits, you can now whip up pizzas, cookies, and even chocolate pudding at home.

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Jom Masak

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Love cooking but hate having extra ingredients leftover that will contribute to food wastage? Jom Makan delivers the exact amount of ingredients for every dish you create – complete with a recipe card at a very affordable rate! The prices for each kit ranges from RM20 to RM25 and feeds three to four people. 

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Table & Apron


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We recommend: Beef Ragu Tagliatelle

Table & Apron has been in the F&B industry for over six years, and for good reason. Their homey outlet at Damansara Kim is the go-to place for gatherings with friends and family. If you’ve missed their chewy sourdough loaves and their hearty beef ragu tagliatelle, don’t fret, as now you can grab them online. Remember to place your orders at least a day in advance to ensure availability.

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We recommend: Dual Bean Falafel

Pichaeats recently launched their Ready-To-Heat meal subscription plan, and the word’s out that it’s scrumptious! Partnering with refugee chefs, Pichaeats offers authentic food made with love that’ll leave you wanting more. Ranging from sinful bites to superfood-packed dishes, there’s an abundance of good food that’ll make anyone salivate.

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We recommend: VCR @ HOME Muffin Pack

A popular brunch spot for locals, VCR serves a mean cup of joe for those who want that extra push of energy to start the day. Speaking of mornings, VCR launched their VCR @ HOME packs early March last year, and have continued to offer them for MCO 2.0 too. If you’ve missed their English muffins or handcrafted kombucha, drop your order via Beepit and have your cravings promptly delivered.

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We recommend: Vegan Mac & Cheese Home Kit, Chicken Chop Home Kit

We’re big fans of Kanteen’s waffles – but we think their Vegan Mac & Cheese tastes pretty delicious too! If you’ve been feeling peckish and want to try your hand at whipping up their signature dishes, why not give it a go with Kanteen’s Home Kits? Prices start at RM65 and the portions feed four hungry tummies.

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We recommend: Entier Kombu Butter Box, Caramel and Kombu Butter Popcorn Pack

Get cosy with your perfect Netflix and chill partner while tucking into a pack (or two) of Entier’s Caramel and Kombu Butter Popcorn Pack. Or dine like a Datin with Entier’s new takeout-only Giftbox Collection. With a variety of food ranging from appetisers to desserts paired with Entier’s very own champagne (the product of an exclusive collaboration with boutique champagne grower Laurent Robert), every day is worth celebrating. After all, you’ve survived 2020, and that is an amazing feat in itself. 

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