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“They’re too young to remember anything.” “They won’t appreciate it, so why bother travelling with them?”

If you’ve been thinking about setting off on a holiday with your young one but find yourself faced with statements like these from family and friends or think it may end up being just too much work, this talk may get you to think again. We’re not saying it’ll be a breeze, but whether your plan is to go on a vacation with the entire family or a one-on-one parent-child holi-date, your time together will create an unforgettable adventure that you’d never have had otherwise.

Travelling with children from a young age is an experience that can play a vital role in their growth. Much like how reading is instrumental to their development, the skills they acquire from the experiences and memories that travel brings are just as valuable. It can be said that travelling with children is beneficial to a parent’s development too, as it requires special skills such as preparedness and adaptability on their parts.

In this Hello Zafigo session, happening 3rd October (Saturday) at 3pm over Zoom, Marina Mahathir speaks to the Ardent Traveler, Deborah Chan, and a representative from Makchic, Lu Sean Seah, on the topic – Holi-dates: Creating Meaningful Family Vacations. Together, they will be discussing the importance of introducing travel to our children during their early years, how the current pandemic has affected (and may continue to affect) or changed such trips, and how we can still make the most of travelling locally.

Deborah is also the author of Live To Last, a memoir she wrote to inspire youth and young adults to step up and step out to make a difference in this world. In her book, she shares pivotal events that have shaped her perspective on life – from witnessing the crumbling of the World Trade Centre to her radical move from the corporate world to rural Cambodia with her husband, (then) one-year-old son, and a few bags in tow.

Since then, Deborah has also invested time in local communities in East Malaysia, Aceh and Dumai in Indonesia, New York, and Chiangmai. She currently resides in Kota Kinabalu with her husband and two children, working for and amongst the marginalised native communities in the area of education and workplace readiness.

Deborah is passionate about a lot of things, and when it comes to community development, she hopes to be a catalyst to ignite purpose and passion in individuals and organisations to do their part in making a positive difference in the nation and the world at large. She currently hosts her own podcast show called Hear to Last, where she has authentic and meaningful conversations on life.

Our other panellist is Lu Sean Seah, the Special Projects Coordinator for, an online parenting magazine for urban mothers and fathers who are passionate about supporting and uplifting families.

Before joining the Makchic team, the mother-of-two worked in public relations, law, and arts management. She now splits her time between writing and raising her kids. She believes that mothers can handle almost anything – all they need is a bit of time.

The panel will answer some important and frequently-asked questions about travelling with children, such as the recommended age to start travelling with them, how often you should do it, and how to prepare the financial means to do so.

Participants tuning in will also get a chance to ask Deborah and Lu Sean any questions they may have on the topic of parenting and travelling with children during the open Q&A session.

Holi-dates: Creating Meaningful Family Vacations will be hosted on Zoom for FREE. Details of the web session are as follows:

Saturday, 3 October, 2020

3PM (Malaysia, GMT+8)

60 to 90 minutes

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