Speak Low, Shanghai

When you’ve got Asia on your mind, what do you normally envision? We reckon that it’s likely something to do with its diverse cultures, majestic ancient architecture unique to various regions, and of course, its many delectable flavours. Asia in general is a region known for serving up world-famous cuisines from Chinese seafood dishes to Indian curries. But that’s about to change.

Adding on to your list of things to love about Asia is the 2017 list of The World’s 50 Best Bars. Now, you can also consider a number of Asian cities your go-to destination if you’re serious about your cocktails. The ranking, conducted by William Reed, a business magazine and digital media company based in the United Kingdom, also stars 12 top-ranking bars across Asia. This being the highest number of Asian bars on the list since its inception six years ago.

With Singapore’s Manhattan breaking the top ten on the list and taking the title of Best Bar in Asia, the small island nation also sees six other additions to the list, doubling its representation since 2016. Curious as to what these top 12 bars in Asia are? Check them out below;

#7: Manhattan, Singapore

Manhattan, Singapore

Ranked as the ‘Best Bar in Asia’, The Manhattan is known for (of course) The Manhattan, Solera-aged Negroni, The Princess Cut, Remember the Maine, and The Flat Iron.

#10: Speak Low, Shanghai, China

Speak Low is a speakeasy bar hidden behind a shop specializing in bartending equipment, with the signature drink being (you guessed it) Speak Low.

#13: High Five, Tokyo, Japan

High Five, located in Ginza, doesn’t have a menu so instead, trust the bartender and be precise when elaborating on the flavours you enjoy!

#15: Atlas, Singapore

Atlas, Singapore

Ranked as the ‘Highest New Entry’, Atlas is not only known for its lavish interiors but also for its gin collection, with the signature drink being the Atlas Martini (yes, there’s gin in it).

#24: Operation Dagger, Singapore

Located underground, Operation Dagger is easily missed but once inside, the signature drink, The Egg, will leave an impression what with its mixture of salted egg yolk liqueur and star anise.

#25: 28 HongKong Street, Singapore

Tucked away without even a placard, 28 HongKong Street doesn’t even have a phone-number to call but yet, people love the drinks, such as the signature Whore’s Bath.

#28: Indulge Experimental Bistro, Taipei, Taiwan

Indulge Experimental Bistro, Taipei, Taiwan

Even though the menu at Indulge Experimental Bistro changes seasonally, the signature drinks remains the same: Mar-Tea-Ni, Guava Mule, and Scent of Woman.

#31: Tippling Club, Singapore

The definition of ‘extra’, Tippling Club now has a cocktail menu solely based on scents – think leather, grass, rain, forest etc.

#36: Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo, Japan

Using home-grown plants and a pestle-and-mortar to create its cocktails, some of the signature drinks, all house-made, include: green chartreuse, absinthe or the root beer botanical cocktail.

#40: Quinary, Hong Kong

Quinary, Hong Kong

Located in the popular SoHo district, this bar is known for its unique molecular mixology techniques, used to create the signature drink known as the Earl Grey Caviar Martini.

#47: Native, Singapore

The signature drink at this experimental bar is titled Antz and yes, it includes ants in the drink and atop the drink, placed on a leaf for a bite-sized snack pre-drink.

#49: Lobster Bar, Hong Kong

Located within the Island Shangri-La, Lobster Bar and Grill as it’s formally known has numerous signature drinks, such as: El Union, The Therapy, Taste of Ling,

For the full 50 bars around the world, hit play on the video below;

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