For Muslims worldwide, the joyful month of Ramadan is ending, and with it comes the excitement of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This unique occasion is associated with many customs, rituals, and extravagant celebrations

Among the top gatherings that stand out in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, none shine brighter than the exclusive Hari Raya Celebration with the ‘Magnificence of Raya’ hosted at The Exchange TRX.

From now until 21 April 2024, breathtaking exhibits and performances will captivate visitors as they discover the grace and beauty of batik and take in visual and experiential spectacles showcasing Malay culture, tradition, and art. Inside The Exchange TRX, ornamental features will greet visitors at the doors and throughout the place. 

The meal most associated with Hari Raya, ketupat, will inspire a massive installation at TRX City Park. The “Magnificence of Raya” will occupy Central Exchange and include a magnificent kampung home, an exquisite example of traditional Malay motifs, architecture, and design. 

The campaign’s main feature will be Malaysian batik, which has designs deeply infused with floral motifs and greatly influenced by the country’s scenic beauty. The nationally revered Bunda Raya will serve as the centrepiece.

Guests’ cultural activities will also centre around Central Exchange. Visitors planning to take a break from their Raya preparations can enjoy musical performances by a cak lempong and kompang ensemble and traditional silat and wayang kulit performances. Massive mechanical flowers replicating the breeze’s soft sway will also be included in the decorations as a tribute to Malaysia’s natural environment. 

To be eligible to win fantastic items from The Exchange TRX, guests are asked to post a picture of themselves wearing their favourite Raya décor. Additional contest information will be made available on Instagram.

With local businesses like Ariani, Bonia, Calaqisya, Carlo Rino, Habib, Minimalist Lab, Wanderlust + Co., and many more offering seasonal promos and offers, The Exchange TRX is a great place to be throughout the Ramadan-Raya season. Guests who are anticipating a buka puasa meal with friends and family can choose from a wide array of culinary options. 

These options include G’rai, a gourmet sampling of authentic flavours and delicacies inspired by the traditional Malay market, and Meriah by Serai Group, which features the best of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Guests and cardholders with UOB or Citi branding can anticipate receiving special offers from The Exchange TRX throughout this promotion period. Within two (2) receipts, customers who spend a minimum of RM1,500 (RM1,200 for UOB or Citi-branded cards) will receive a Lovely Lace Reed Diffuser (200ml). A gorgeous set of Raya packets will be given to customers who spend at least RM200 (RM150 with UOB or Citi-branded cards) in a single receipt. 

Credit card holders bearing the UOB or Citi brand may also be eligible to get an extra RM20 in Seibu cash vouchers with a minimum purchase of RM150 in a single receipt, or they may receive RM180 in Seibu cash vouchers with a minimum purchase of RM1,200 in two receipts.

More information can be found on their website.

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