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Picture Perfect: 10 Best Spots In Penang For A Photoshoot

By , 10 March 2023

Part and parcel of travelling include picture-taking, especially so in the age of social media. Capturing these moments away from home will not only allow us to share our travels with loved ones, but ...

Places Around The World For Must-See Banksy Art

By , 24 February 2023

Banksy’s street art are sights to be seen, so the next time you’re in any one of these countries, be sure to add them to your itinerary.

Shophouse Charm: Get To Know Penang’s Different Shophouse Styles

By , 16 February 2023

More than just a haven for foodies, Penang is a shining beacon of Old World architecture. Get to know the unique shophouses that shape the island’s identity.

7 Exciting Things To Do & Eat In Balik Pulau, Penang

By ,, 6 February 2023

There’s more to Penang than George Town, and the southwest district of Balik Pulau is definitely worth exploring.

Live Out Your Bridgerton Dreams At These Hotel Properties

By , 27 January 2023

If all the splendour of the 19th century is on your radar, these hotels will provide old-school grandeur. Dukes and viscounts not included.

23 Cafes To Visit in Penang This 2023

By , 19 January 2023

While there is a long list of exciting activities to do in Penang, cafe hopping should definitely be added to the itinerary.

Countdown By The Sea: 12 Beaches In Malaysia For A Romantic New Year

By , 2 December 2022

This New Year’s Eve, switch things up and trade the clubs or pubs for a countdown by the beach instead.

’Tis The Season To #SapotLokal For Christmas 2022

By , 14 November 2022

Don’t worry about scratching your head for ideas on what to gift your loved ones this Christmas. We’ve got you covered with locally sourced products!

The Fascinating History Of Penang’s 6 Most Iconic Dishes

By , 11 October 2022

Know more about the history of Penang’s most iconic dishes with our listicle!

The Stories And History Of Penang’s Many Clan Jetties

By , 3 October 2022

Get to know the many different clans in Penang and discover their intricate and interesting stories.