When she's not working at her NGO job in Bangkok, Kelsey tries to see as much of South East Asia as possible. She loves the outdoors, hammocks, good books, and coconuts (preferably all together). When she's in the city, you can generally find her in a park or at a café, trying to practise Thai with anyone who’s patient enough.

Bangkok’s Hippest New Night Haunt – JJ Green

By , 6 May 2017

Snapshots: Located behind Bangkok’s iconic Chatuchak Market, JJ Green is a hipper, more creative weekend market.

How To Get The Thailand Animal Experience Without The Cruelty

By , 2 March 2017

There are of ways to enjoy Thailand’s wildlife responsibly! Here are a few great ways to get the Thailand animal experience without the animal cruelty.

6 Tips for Finding Vegetarian Food in Bangkok

By , 29 December 2016

As a vegetarian in a city that loves its meat and seafood, people always ask if I have a hard time finding good vegetarian food in Bangkok.

Shop Green, Live Clean: Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Products In Bangkok

By , 17 November 2016

Looking to go green in Bangkok? It’s now easier than ever to find eco-conscious and natural products.

10 Best Dinner Places To Eat In Bangkok For Under THB350 (USD10)

By , 14 October 2016

Bangkok is rightfully famous for cheap, delicious food – but where do you start?