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Would You Pay To Have Coffee With A Snake At Your Table?

By , January 14, 2018

Tokyo Snake Center in the Harajuku district, houses 35 snakes from over 20 species!

Airbus Surprises Europe In The Sky This Christmas

By , December 24, 2017

One unexpected aviation seasons greeting, coming right up!

Awards For The World’s Best Airlines Go To…

By , December 21, 2017

AirAsia was awarded the title for the World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline 2017, winning the same awar...

Booking Scams On The Rise: How To Spot Them

By , December 19, 2017

As the number of online hotel bookings increase, so does the rate of booking scams.

Forbes’ List Of Budget Travel Destinations For 2018

By , December 18, 2017

Get a head start in planning your budget friendly 2018 travel adventures. (Or gain a little inspirat...

Next Level Flattery? China Officially Replicating Shakespear...

By , December 15, 2017

Expect to see replicas of Shakespeare’s birthplace and his family home at New Place in a little to...

Millennials Travel Because They Can’t Afford This

By , December 8, 2017

What is it to be young and financially insecure? According to industry experts, it is to spend on tr...

Naples Honoured With UNESCO World Heritage Status

By , December 8, 2017

Long thought to be not worth it, Naples is now honoured with UNESCO’s World Heritage Status.

The 10 Most Instagrammed Cities Of 2017 Are…

By , December 8, 2017

#Travelporn is real and it is alive and thriving on Instagram! Check out the list of the most instag...

The Malaysian Passport Has A New Look And Safety Upgrade

By , December 7, 2017

Malaysia rolled out a new passport that has already been hailed as one of the most beautiful in the ...