They say you either go big or go home. Singapore always chooses to go big, and when it does, it does it well. With so many impressive attractions already on its roster, Singapore is set to add another.

Experience an immersive sensory journey to another dimension at Sentosa Sensoryscape, where jaw-dropping projections and mesmerising art installations await your exploration. 

Left: Glow Garden. Right: Lookout Loop.

Located in the centre of Sentosa, Sensoryscape spans 30,000 square meters and invites visitors to explore the island’s abundant biodiversity. It is a 350-meter lush link that mixes nature, design, and technology to stimulate all six senses, including visitors’ sense of imagination. It is home to a variety of sensory gardens.

Scented Sphere

It has several sensory gardens, which include the Lookout Loop, Tactile Trellis, Scented Sphere, Symphony Streams, Palate Playground, and Glow Garden, making it more than just a place to rest and find your way around. 

Symphony Streams

Immersion and audiovisual elements enhance each, motivating and engaging spectators of all ages. Sensoryscape redefines park design by combining spectacular architecture and nature to create unique environments. Guests can enjoy an immersive experience with digital light art and augmented reality, both during the day and night, promoting relaxation and self-discovery in a peaceful environment.

Tactile Trellis

Sensoryscape is an architectural and landscape design that breaks traditional limits, created by Serie + Multiply. The sensory gardens, framed by three unique diagrid structures, create a harmonious connection between people and nature. The sensory gardens’ basket-inspired woven structures also provides an enclosed space for guests to enjoy the curated landscape and peaceful contemplation.

Scented Sphere – ImagiNite experience.

As the sun sets, Sensoryscape morphs into a nighttime extravaganza. Guests are enveloped in a nature-inspired soundscape and engage with interactive digital light art (projection mapping) and augmented reality to stimulate their creativity. 

Showcasing light displays and digital floor projections across the Sensoryscape, the ImagiNite experience is unmatched in Southeast Asia and tells stories meant to astound. 

Augmented reality enhances several environments, like Symphony Streams’ aquatic realms, Palate Playground’s interactive projections, and Lookout Loop’s light beam dance. The ImagiNite smartphone app allows users to sample their augmented reality solutions.

Sentosa Sensoryscape is open daily starting Thursday, 14 March 2024, with the ImagiNite experience beginning at 7:50 pm.

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