5 Travel Tips Every Adventure-Seeker Needs To Know


Whether you’re travelling for the first or 10th time, there are always new ways to improve your experience. It helps to learn handy tips and tricks that will help you avoid some of the biggest inconveniences you can potentially run into. Here are some suggestions to help your trip run as smoothly as possible:

Set a daily budget


One of the biggest concerns to bear in mind when travelling are the costs. From food to accommodation, there are a lot of things that you’ll need to spend your hard-earned money on, and that’s not considering the unexpected occurrences that might leave you out of pocket. Having a daily budget is one effective way to combat the chance of having your travels cut short. Plan out an allowance for each day, taking into account expenditure for essentials such as eating and the occasional luxury for when you want to treat yourself. Goats on the Road has published a handy insight into their own budgets so that you can get a guide on how to create your own.

Plan ahead, but not too much


Although you’ll want to have a rough itinerary so that you know when and where you’re heading next, don’t restrict yourself too much. It’s likely that your plans will change, so allow for flexibility in your schedule, and adapt accordingly depending on the new places you discover and new friends you make. In other words, give yourself space to be spontaneous!

Be aware of your destination


Don’t head mindlessly into a largely undeveloped area – there’s a lot to be cautious of, as unfortunate as that may sound. Some countries, despite being tourist hotspots, hide dangerous spots that foreign offices advise against visiting. Do your research before heading off, to know the places to avoid for your safety. Terrorism has also understandably become a major concern for travellers, considering a heightened amount of attacks in recent years. Luckily, many insurers do cover the consequences of terrorism if the very unlucky and unlikely were to ever happen, as highlighted by CTI.

Pack efficiently


The amount of walking you’ll be doing on adventure trips makes a backpack your best bet for luggage, so you won’t be able to bring a suitcase worth of clothes. Bring a couple of tops and trousers; preferably cheap and durable ones that won’t hurt you to part ways with once they’ve been worn one time too many. Remember your essential toiletries and documents, of course, as well as a makeshift First Aid kit with things such as antihistamines, painkillers and antiseptic. Make sure to leave room for a couple of souvenirs.

Embrace your surroundings


It goes without saying, but the one thing you have to do when travelling is to just enjoy it. Take everything in, and do everything you possibly can. Embrace the culture by interacting with the locals, sampling delectable cuisines and visiting historical hotspots. Also consider heading off the beaten track to quieter, lesser-known locations to get an authentic feel of that country. There’s plenty of life lessons you’ll learn as a result if you make the most of your travels, and it’s pretty likely that you’ll gain a sense of wanderlust once returning. Keep these tips in mind and you’re in for many unforgettable trips.

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Tom has always been a weekend traveller. As a child he regularly went on camping and fishing tours with his brothers. He is currently completing a degree in Forestry and also works as a freelance writer to fund his upcoming South East Asian tour.

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