With Christmas just around the corner and New Year on the way, why don’t you spoil yourself with the perfect planner to better organise the coming year? Personally, I am more than ready to start planning the year ahead by making it an epic one, especially with the world opening up and ready to be explored!

But how does one find the right planner? Follow these steps below to narrow down your search and successfully pick out the perfect planner suited to your needs.

1. Decide on a budget

Do you have a budget? Planners can vary in price considerably, so deciding on a budget will narrow down your options. For a lower budget, Plannerd offers a 6-month Undated Planner valued at RM43 that includes some features, such as financial and goal trackers. It is a simple and functional planner with minimal designs giving you the freedom to decorate.

However, suppose you need more organisational tools and, let’s be honest, a prettier planner. In that case, you might consider Notebook Therapy’s 365 Yearly Life Planner for RM139, which facilitates the tracking of fitness goals and work schedules with a cute and colourful aesthetic.

2. Are you sticking to paper-based or going digital?

Nowadays, there are mobile applications for absolutely everything, including planners. Perhaps consider whether paper-based or digital planners work better for you and your lifestyle? Mobile applications, such as Structured – Daily Planner, offer greater flexibility and less to pack as frequent travellers. Also, you can use the application to set alarms and sync data across all your devices for the price of RM143.89.

If you prefer the old school method, like me, and find yourself leaning towards classic paper-based planners, Mossery is currently stocking 2023 Planners for RM135 with durable hardcovers in a medium size to maintain the practicality of carrying a planner when travelling. These planners are also reusable and have greater environmental sustainability, as you can purchase refills and use the same cover each year.

3. Consider purpose and layout

Do you make plans down to the week, day, or even hour? Do you need more structure to keep you on track and committed to your plans, or are you a free spirit?

For those needing a little bit more help from their planners, Kertas & Co.’s 2023 Planner is the ideal planner for you! It includes the year, month, and weekly calendars and monthly tabs to easily navigate it. It also features a vision board, budget trackers, and inspirational quotes throughout, all for just RM69.

For those looking for more freedom and creative liberty, head to Summorie. The Linen Dateless Planner is highly customisable, and you can choose between monthly or weekly layouts to best suit you for RM100. The planner itself is simple and ideal for those who get overwhelmed with busyness.

4. What size works?

Similar to choosing between paper-based or digital, travellers out there may need to choose the perfect planner based on size. Selecting a smaller planner will be easier to pack into luggage; however, if this doesn’t apply to you, the bigger the planner, the greater the features that may be available.

Payung Positive offers an A5 Planner for RM60, which may be the perfect size for most of us! It features monthly and weekly planning and plain pages for creative freedom. There are also reminders to pray, which is helpful in our somewhat chaotic day-to-day lives. Although, if size is a concern, downloading a digital planner to your phone is a great solution.

5. Style of planner

Do you have creative flair or a minimalist logical mindset when it comes to planning? Are you vegan and value environmentally responsible companies to purchase from? There’s plenty to consider in the style department.

Typo caters to all styles of planners by offering their 2023 A5 Weekly Buffalo Diary, which consists of a minimalist weekly layout with fun bonus pages. It is also a vegan-friendly product valued at RM50. However, there are plenty more planners for you to explore and choose from to find your unique aesthetic!

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you probably have a better understanding of your preferences and priorities when choosing a planner. Happy shopping!