How To Get The Best Deals In One Travel App

When it comes to travel hacks and saving time and money, the tech boom has got your back. With dozens of apps out there aimed at helping us travel better and cheaper, it’s never been easier to plan your vacation. But how do you choose a travel app with so many out there? With this checklist, it’ll be easy to weed out the better apps from the riff raff.

Find that one-stop app

When it comes to travel, there are many steps to take before the actual journey begins. You have to make your hotel booking, buy your flight ticket, and the list goes on. To make the planning stages more seamless, some travel booking apps consolidate all of these steps onto one nifty platform. For example, you can display your e-boarding pass on your Traveloka app when you check-in, plus have your hotel and travel insurance all in one app.

In-app deals monitoring

It may take up some space to download a travel app on your mobile, but it’s a small sacrifice to make for up-to-date notifications on promos and deals.Travel apps often have fun features that give you value for your time with nifty tools such as ‘Price Alerts’. This price-monitoring tool does the work for you, making your app track ticket prices of your desired flight route(s) and send it to your inbox when there are deals or discounts. Certain apps even offer additional discounts for members so be sure to look them up!

No hidden charges

Websites and apps often display the lowest price which excludes fees and charges. When it comes time to check out, you’re left shocked at the final price as there are additional service charges and taxes that hikes up the price exponentially. To avoid nasty surprises, find an app that displays final prices when you’re searching. 

Easy payment methods

With credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and many other payment options available today, paying online has never been easier. However, with the rise of booking and payment scams, it’s easy to want some reassurance. Find an app that has a ‘Pay Later’ that’ll allow you to book hotels in advance and pay at a later time. 


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