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Admit it, you’re tempted. You’ve always had the fantasy of giving your notice, packing a bag, and going on a long sabbatical in paradise. Well, according to Forbes, these places are so cheap, you actually can quit your job and live abroad for the year;

  1. Panama
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Mexico
  4. Ecuador
  5. Malaysia
  6. Colombia
  7. Portugal
  8. Peru
  9. Thailand
  10. Spain

For their list of cheapest places to live abroad, Forbes tapped into the International Living’s list of the top places to retire around the globe. “The index is designed to be a cheat-sheet of sorts, to help point people toward the spots that might make the most sense for them overseas,” says International Living’s executive editor, Jennifer Stevens.

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Stevens say that many folks are interested in working remotely or starting something new in retirement, so International Living took into consideration the strength of the economy, how easy and reliable it is to connect online, and how supportive local authorities are toward small businesses. Other categories include climate and healthcare, which places Costa Rica and Spain firmly on the list as warm, sunny destinations allows for outdoor living and markets full of fresh-grown fruits and vegetable.

The long-standing democracy in Costa Rica that’s been welcoming expats for generations, and the fact that the World Health Organization ranks Spain’s healthcare system as one of the best in the world factor into their placement on the list.

Other destinations with good healthcare include Portugal, as the locals are exceptionally welcoming. It’s undeniably beautiful too, from historical sites to the beaches of the Algarve. Cost of living is not as high as expected as well, with a simple lunch of soup, main course, beverage, dessert, and coffee runs about $10

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Unsurprisingly, Southeast Asian destinations like Malaysia and Thailand also make the list as they are great jumping off points to exploring the rest of Southeast Asia on a budget. Apart from being cheap, cities like Penang and Chiang Mai also receive honourable mention as they encompass both the frenetic energy of a big city and the slower-paced smaller communities. Being countries on the equator, both the neighbouring countries offer lively beach communities, frenetic big cities, and university towns full of things to do.

So what do you think, where are you heading to in 2019 to live that paradise life?

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