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The sun is more powerful than you think. On one hand, the sun’s rays might make us feel warm and nice, especially in the summer, but all of these feelings can quickly turn sour with too much exposure. Truth is, protecting yourself from the sun is the best way to achieve a glowing, youthful complexion and to avoid skin cancer.

Frankly put, you can’t afford to not keep your skin safe from the sun. However, you need to be careful with what you put on your skin too. Some sunscreens can be oily and will feel uncomfortable. You need a natural solution. The next time you’re on holiday and about to hit the deck chairs for a tan, remember these five natural ways to protect yourself:

1. Mineral sunscreen

There are two types of sunscreen: chemical and mineral. Chemical sunscreen is the most common kind that you’ll find in drugstores, but it’s also the most damaging. While it’s effective at blocking the sun’s rays, it can be oily on the skin and it’s not recommended for use on sensitive skin. Even worse, it’s proven to be damaging to the environment. So choose a sunscreen that’s natural and safe.

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A better alternative is mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen doesn’t soak into the skin. It sits on the top of the skin like a protective barrier, lasting longer and working harder to keep your skin safe without any side effects.

2. Skip the tanning bed

There’s a myth that tanning beds aren’t nearly as damaging as the sun’s rays. In reality, this is completely false. There’s no reason to visit a tanning bed when there are so many natural, safe alternatives. You’re better off using a tanning lotion at your next sun session or looking for a salon that does a natural spray tan. This will help you achieve a better, all-over glow.

3. Wear a hat

Choosing a natural-material hat to don on sunny days will do wonders for your skin. Not to mention, they’re stylish too, so they perform double-duty like these beauty products. Keeping the sun from your face and shoulders can be a challenge, and many clothes don’t block the sun completely. Wearing a hat with at least a two- to three-inch brim will help protect the areas prone to the most sun exposure like your ears, neck, and shoulders.

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4. Use argan oil

Argan oil isn’t an effective sunscreen, but it’s great for restoring your skin after sun exposure. Your skin dries out in the sun and you need a way to bring that moisture back to your skin without it feeling too oily. Choosing a natural oil from the Argan Oil Shop is the best way to heal your skin after a day of frolicking in the sunshine. Proper skincare doesn’t stop once you’ve come inside for the day. Including argan oil in your post-sun routine will go a long way.

5. Upgrade your diet

Finally, did you know your diet can affect your ability to get a sunburn? It’s true. Diets rich in Omega 3 and vitamin D, as well as antioxidants, can reduce your risk of sunburn. In addition, it will reduce your risk of developing cancer.

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A great way to get all of these nutrients is by consuming more avocados, chia seeds, walnuts, and dark leafy greens. It’s really important to focus on eating foods that will keep you fit on the go. These are all things that should be a part of your regular diet and they can pack a real punch when it comes to the sun.

Is your skin safe?

Protecting your skin from the sun doesn’t have to involve a lot of chemicals and dangerous ingredients. Paying attention to your diet, your skincare habits, and how you treat your skin after sun exposure will help you look and feel better.

Don’t risk your health when it comes to the sun. No tan is worth it! These tips above will let you get your vitamin D safely.

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