Regardless of the type of traveller you are, there are plenty of tricks to help maintain a beauty routine while on the road. After all, everyone wants to look their best at every age and every destination. From degreasing a shiny forehead to keeping lips soft and kissable, these tried-and-tested beauty tricks will keep you looking (and feeling) your best throughout your vacay.

Blot away

The summer heat can cause a shine that’ll steal the light in your vacation pictures. Instead of using pressed powder (which can create streaking on your face) have a pack of blotting papers ready. Dab – don’t wipe – to keep your makeup in place. If you happen to miss out on packing your day-to-day blotter, use paper towels to de-shine. Yes, the type they give you at cafés. Just split them in two and use one side of the sheet to absorb that midday grease.

Be gentle, baby (wipes)

Instead of hand sanitisers, opt for alcohol-free baby wipes or a gentle cleansing wipe. These are less drying, but just as useful for refreshing your skin in-flight, wiping away perspiration and grime while you’re out and about, or even cleaning off your make-up when you’re dead tired after a day of exploring.

Degrease with the cold

If your skin’s prone to overproducing sebum in hot weather, you’ll be glad to know you’re not alone. Apart from keeping baby wipes and blotting paper handy, you can also splash some cold water onto your face and hair roots, as cold water keeps your pores from producing excess oil.

Exfoliate with sugar

Put a stop to peeling your dry lips by gently exfoliating them with granulated sugar. Use one of those complimentary hotel sachets next to the coffees and teas in your room and rub those flaky lips. You can even add it to your shower gel to smoothen scaly elbows and heels.

De-puff with teaspoons

Some like to rest and relax on a holiday while others like to party the night away. If you’re the latter, don’t worry about packing loads of creams and masks to recuperate from your nights out. Just keep two teaspoons in the fridge for the duration of your stay. Place them over your eyes in the morning and the cool metal will reduce puffiness and soothe tired eyes.

Shave off with conditioner

Forgot shaving cream? Hotel conditioner is the next best thing. Being positively charged, conditioner is attracted to hair, which is negatively charged, and thus able to coat the strands thoroughly to give you a smooth shave. It also leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised post-shave.

Yoghurt on burns

Spent too much time in the sun, coming close to looking lobster-chic, and can’t find your favourite after-sun product? Pop over to the nearest convenience store for a tub of unsweetened plain yoghurt. Yoghurt contains a lot of probiotics that’ll help restore your skin’s natural barrier, so lather it on liberally and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. You can even mix some essential oils in. Depending on the severity of the sunburn, your skin should look and feel better within a day or two.

Travel-sized everything

There are makeup, skincare, haircare, and body care kits you can purchase that’ll do wonders for reducing the weight of your suitcase. Invest in miniature versions of the products you regularly buy. The bonus here’s that you can get fun new colours or scents each season and not worry about wastage.

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