5 Types Of Friends You Can’t Travel With

Photo by Claude Piché via Unsplash

You may very well have friends who you get on with, but travelling with them can make or break a friendship. Travel forces you to reveal your true nature, as it can put you under stressful situations and there’s nowhere to hide. Before you start making rambunctious plans with your best mate, be sure to determine the type of person they are. That way, you can have a fun-filled, stress-free trip instead of one that can leave you wishing you could push your friend off a boat at an amazing girlfriend getaway. Here are five types of friends you should stay clear of when you travel:

1. Cashless Clare

It’s normal to have some pals who are extra careful with their money. This is fine until it affects your holiday plans. It can be incredibly frustrating if you want to go on excursions and try new things, but your friend doesn’t want to spend her money to experience these new adventures. I once had a friend who preferred to walk five kilometres with heavy backpacks in the hot sun, so she didn’t have to pay for a USD2 tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) in Thailand. We eventually ended up getting into an argument and I said I would pay for the both of us just for my sanity.

2. Negative Nancy

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Oprah Winfrey once said, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” When you hang around with someone for long periods of time, their words will eventually affect your thoughts. If someone is perpetually complaining and pointing out the negative all the time, it’ll bring your spirits down. Stay clear of holidaying with such a person if you don’t want to spend the entire trip convincing them that things aren’t THAT bad. It’s your holiday and you’re entitled to feel happy about it.

3. Listless Laura

I have a friend who is super chilled and very easy to get on with… but I can’t travel with her! She always wants to spend the entire trip chilling and doing nothing. When I travel to a new country, I want to see and experience as much of the local culture as possible. She, on the other hand, is happy just to read a book on the beach making only occasional movements to even out her tan lines. Unless you’re also a Listless Laura, it’s best to travel alone or with someone who also wants to make the best of their travel experiences to avoid pent up boredom and resentment.

4. Anxious Alice

Photo by Trung Thanh via Unsplash

Safety is your number one priority when you travel. However, having a friend who constantly gets anxious about the smallest things may result in you second-guessing your adventurous choices and you may as well give up on trying new experiences. This friend will worry about everything and if things go wrong, which they sometimes do during travel, you’ll feel guilty. If you wanted to spend a long weekend wrapped in cotton wool, you could have stayed at home on your couch. Travel is about stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things; don’t let anyone try and hold you back.

5. Selfish Sarah

I have great admiration for people who know what they want and don’t let anyone get in their way of them getting it. In life, time and energy are valuable commodities, and sometimes, we need to learn how to say ‘no’ and be selfish. Having said that, travelling with someone selfish can result in their travel wants and needs being prioritised over yours. Definitely not the best recipe for a harmonious trip. It also okay for you to be selfish and have your own trip without them to avoid ruining your friendship.

Some friends can be great for different areas of our lives but may be awful to travel with. Recognise what type of friend a person is so you can make a wise decision to avoid falling out with them.

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