Gathering with loved ones and having a great time is even better when playing card and board games. It’s a perfect way to have fun and socialise at the same time! These games are a great way to bond and provide a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Although the result of a game can affect friendships and relationships, the excitement of competing and the satisfaction of winning cannot be denied. International games like Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, and Uno are household names, but have you heard about the plethora of card and board games created by Malaysians?

Look no further if you want something unique to introduce to your loved ones. Malaysia has a wealth of homegrown games that will pique your interest. Keep reading for a list of local games that will keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours.

1. Kaki Lima

Kaki Lima pays tribute to Penang’s rich cultural heritage and draws inspiration from the beautiful and lively five-foot paths that adorn the pre-war buildings of George Town. In this straightforward strategy game, players take on the role of travellers making their way through a grid of walkways.

The creators based the visual representations of these people on individuals they observed in real life, wandering the streets of George Town. To win, players must achieve their objectives, enjoy the scenery, and work with fellow players to overcome obstacles while earning points.

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2. Malaysian Dream

Have fun with friends and family as you compete to fulfil as many dreams as possible with the highly successful game, The Malaysian Dream, released by MGAG in 2019. It guarantees hours of entertainment and amusement. These cards represent the essence of Malaysia, from helping you pay off your PTPTN debt to celebrating a historic Olympic gold medal win.

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3. Politiko

Politiko is a game that turns players into representatives of political parties and draws inspiration from Malaysia’s interpretation of Game of Thrones. To win over voters, they can employ various strategies throughout the campaign, some of which might be recognisable to other Malaysians.

Since you can use the advantages that belong to your group, this game is about something other than playing fairly. Having fun and not letting politics intimidate you is crucial, so try not to get too heated up.

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4. The Cikgu Life

Have you heard of The Cikgu Life project? It was created by four amazing teachers – James Choong, Sophia Ngiaw, Liew Kah Hoong, and Raee Yeoh. They all met while participating in Teach For Malaysia in Sarawak. The objective of this game is to provide players with a realistic simulation of what it’s like to be a teacher in a standard Malaysian classroom. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

It certainly isn’t simple, as you may recall from your school days. The most outstanding cikgus must manage disruptive children in the classroom, grade endless amounts of homework, plan extracurriculars after school hours, and still find time to raise straight-A pupils.

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5. The Lepak Game

The Lepak Game, designed by Stephen Hanlon and Trixie Khor from Rojak Culture, is a game that follows a similar structure to Cards Against Humanity. However, this game uses commonly used Malaysian words and expressions instead of the usual phrases and terminology.

Get ready for hilarious combinations that can only come from our country! In each round, one player will ask a question from a blue card while the other players choose the most ridiculous answer from their yellow cards.

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6. Kuih Muih

Local designer Mike Ooi created Kuih Muih to be played similarly to Sushi Go! This charming game, however, challenges your ability to select the best-tasting kuih from the table rather than sushi.

The game appears straightforward but requires a lot of consideration because each kuih has its own set of rules and points. You win by collecting the most points after three rounds. Additionally, some rules apply in real life, like the fact that some kuih are just better to eat in larger quantities!

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7. Drama Pukul 7

In this game, you can escape reality and participate in a theatrical production. Drama Pukul 7, inspired by Malay dramas, lets players sabotage other characters while maintaining a good reputation to become well-known. That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

The remaining cards depict peculiar scenarios and unexpected twists from the same story, such as secret marriages, vengeful plots, and love affairs. You can also obtain items that look like power cards to boost your level.

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8. Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager

Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager, a game developed by Felix Leong of Boxfox Games, lets players act as business owners in a small village. You can defeat your fellow players in this beautiful game by managing your limited funds between buying goods, stocking your supermarket with food and clothing, and recruiting personnel with various credentials and skills.

Consistently fulfilling client requests is the key to achieving profits. Playing this game can improve your business acumen as it demands extensive planning.

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9. Build My-Town

Discovering good governance and anti-corruption has never been easier with Build My-Town, the latest product from C4 Center. In Build My-Town, players are MPs representing a constituency. The goal is to enhance their area by adding various developments, ranging from small amenities to larger infrastructure.

Apart from advancing in the game, the Reform Cards are a crucial element. In a manner similar to real-life parliamentary voting, players can suggest reforms that significantly affect the gameplay. By taking on the role of MPs, players can gain an understanding of the significant role they play in passing reforms in Parliament. This knowledge can empower them to advocate for improvements with their own MPs.

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