The hardest part of working out is getting started. So it’s really important that you enjoy the kind of workout you’re doing on the regular — be it swimming, strength training, or running. What helps is to do it in a group so you can keep each other accountable.

One such example of a fun group workout is indoor cycling — or spin. Lots of gyms offer spin classes to their members too, as the stationary bikes allow you to burn a lot of calories in a short space of time due to their intensity. One of the most popular brands of exercise bike is Peloton, but they can be pretty expensive to buy.

Exercise bikes are great pieces of equipment, but they aren’t for everyone, and they can take up a lot of room. Finding the best Peloton alternative can be quite a challenge if you’re looking for something to use at home, so you may have to look at doing a different exercise instead. So, if you want to change things up, keep reading to discover seven easy moves you can do at home for a killer workout. They’re great for those days you can’t make a spin class (or you can even do them in a hotel room).

The best part? These workouts will help further improve your cycling skills without an exercise bike! So you can keep up those fitness levels for whenever you’re next ready to hit the bike.

One-leg bridge changeovers

Good for a warm-up but also for training your glutes while you’re not on the bike, one-leg bridge changeovers can also help to strengthen the hip extensors in isolation with no equipment needed. To perform this exercise, lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your pelvis raised, creating a bridge-like shape. Now lift your right leg, straighten it in the air and squeeze your left glute. Lower the right leg and repeat with the right leg. Every time the leg is raised, hold the squeeze for three seconds.


This is a very good cycling-specific exercise. Improve your hip flexibility, increase your quad strength, and strengthen your hamstrings with lunges — this makes the move the perfect choice for your exercise regimen without your exercise bike. Do remember not to jerk the lunges as you can cause damage to your knees. Keep them slow and controlled.

Jump rope

If you’re looking for a cardio blast that can also help you build up your calf strength and improve your endurance, then jump rope is one of the best options for you. A note though — it’s important not to attempt this exercise if you’ve got an ankle or knee injury as jump rope is a high impact workout. You can make this even more intense by driving your knee up.


If you want to stimulate more muscles in your body to help build your overall strength, particularly across your back and core, then deadlifts are a great choice. It’s a simple exercise which engages your legs, core, and back, and helps to increase power and muscle strength. Additional strength and more engaged muscle tone will help to make you a faster rider.

Pallof press

The pallof press can help with your hip stability and can train your core muscles quite intensely. It can also help with spinal support. However, you need to make sure that your hips remain square and that your glutes are engaged at all times. Pay close attention to whether or not you’re rotating your body too much — if you are, then you may need to start with a lower weight.

Box jumps

Box jumps are a great plyometric exercise that can work a number of areas within your body that are vital for cycling. There are fast-twitch muscles in the body which are required for sprinting and box jumps offer a chance to engage them with sharp speed bursts.

Kettlebell swings

To develop a strong pedal stroke, kettlebell swings offer improved endurance and also give your whole body a good form of exercise. They can help with your hip strength and flexibility as well as your upper body strength. Tighten your core and your glutes and push the weight of the kettlebell through your thighs for maximum impact.